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2nd post Partial Neph scan tomorrow

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I'm not too nervous, but admittedly a little anxious.  Surgery was 18 months ago, only had one followup last May.  With my history, it should be more frequent, but Uro thinks I'm done after this one.  I'll have the results in the mail before I see him in May too.  Heres hoping it's all clear!

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Good luck, and please let us know the results.

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Wishing you the very best! 

rainsandpours's picture
Posts: 136
Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you!  I don't see the uro until 2nd week of May, but I ordered a copy of the scan and report to be mailed out from the hospital.  I bet I get that before my appointment.

There is something I'm worried about though (and that I haven't told anyone).  I'm having trouble breathing.  I feel short of breath and lightheaded a lot lately.  Climbing stairs is painful, and walking even remotely fast causes gasping.  I know I should mention it to my doctor, but I'm in no hurry to have the flurry of panicked testing.  Of course my first thought is mets :(,  Certainly possible considering what I've gone through.  Not sure I mentioned prior that I had my 4th neck surgery in January?  Another recurrence.  Loosely scheduled for RAI in June or July, but won't know for sure until end of May.




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Rainsandpours....with your history you need to continue with follow up scans! Maybe it is time to find another oncologist?

As far as your breathing concerns, please see a reputable doctor regarding this. It may or may not be mets. It may be something totally different, but it sounds like something that needs to be checked. I know it can be tiring and discouraging to address the ongoing health concerns, but I wouldn't mess around with this.

Please keep us posted on your results on the scan AND your breathing issues!!



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Definitely follow up with oncologist and perhaps a cardiologist. I had (and occasionally still have) similar symptoms, along with rapid heart beat for a few minutes. It turned out to be extreme anemia and iron deficiency. Get a blood test to rule that out.

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Good luck on your scans and hope they are clear.NED>    Please let doc know about breathing problems you are having.  You know with this disease you have to stay one step ahead of it all the time.  Will be praying for you.

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Good luck on your scans and hope they are NED

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Wishing you NED results and a light heart on the test day.  In France we say "merde" for good luck... I know it sounds really weird in english and spanish but I have been hearing it with such amazing good intentions for the last 27 years, that I'm taking the liberty of using it to send you positive vibes with caring thoughts.



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