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Jen - Good news on husband brain results?

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I hope you are out celebrating!  I have been thinking about you all day.


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Arghhhhh!  They just called to cancel.  His doctor ran out in an emergency. According to scheduler, no one knows what the emergency is or when she will be back.  I hope her kids are okay and the emergency isn't horrible, but grrrrrrrrr!   

seeing the aprn tomorrow at 9:30.

thanks Sandy, I appreciate you thinking of us.

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That sucks. Sorry guys have to go through the added stress of waiting longer.

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Great news for a change! I wish you great health forevermore!



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I guess my bitching and moaning worked for once...I complained when they postponed about the fact that she never called to give us results and now we have to wait longer.

nurse just called and said brain MRI shows no cancer in the brain...phew!


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continued prayers and cyber hugs 



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Sometimes B*&*(( is needed.  And works.


Great News, congrats

Cathleen Mary
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Great news, Jen!  So happy for you both. You are a great advocate for your husband.

Celebrate all good news.


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way to stand up for yourself and hubby!


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Congratulations to your husband and to you. 

I swear, they have no idea the stress of waiting, so getting on their backs is the only way to get what you want. 

I hope you are celebrating. 

Sue - Trubrit

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It only goes to show that if you push hard enough and talk loud enough you can get the docs to listen.

So very glad that the anxiety is now over with this wonderful result!

Marie who loves kitties

Fight for my love
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This is really great! I am happy for you.

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That is excellent news.  It's hard waiting, but this was good news waiting.


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Great news Jen. One less worry now.

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Thank you al!   I appreciate the support!

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