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Home and Recovering After Second Surgery

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Hi Everyone,

A week ago I underwent my second open surgery which finally resulted in the total removal of my right kidney.  Still waiting on pathology report but pretty certain that the hard golf-ball sized tumor was indeed malignant.  The surgery was a couple of hours longer because of previous surgery scar tissue development but was successful.  

GFR was 39 when I left hospital.  Doctor hoping it will rebound a bit with healing.  We will see.  

For the time being, time will be spent resting!

Thank you all for your earlier support.


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Glad it's over and wishing you a quick, uneventful recovery. I'm sure the other kidney will start picking up the slack once your body gets over the trauma of surgery. Rest a lot but also walk as much as possible. Even if it's just a few minutes every hour. It'll help the healing. All the best to you!

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Now put your feet and have a well deserved rest

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Hurray! Now that is behind you, you can move forward to healing and feeling better day by day!



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Good for you, Bonnie! Glad its over, but sorry you had to go through 2 surgeries.

Put all this out of your mind, best you can and REST UP!

Do you have good help and support? Hope so.

Warm hugs to you, continued good healing~


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I would not be smiling that much with 2 nephs on the same Kidney.

Follow up with a Nephrologist. While my GFR has been as low as 39 I am 14 years older than you, so 30 is a concern at your age. Hopefully it will bounce back.






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Happy it was successful & may you have a quick, uneventful recovery and many years with NED scans.Forough



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It is exciting that you have caught this nasty disease and eliminated it again. Take your time recovering.

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Hope your recovery goes smoothly. 

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Joined: May 2012

Thank you all for your words of encouragement.  I, too, am concerned about the low gfr and am scheduled to see a nephrologist next month.  Had some trouble the last few days keeping blood pressure and blood sugar under control.  Had to start some meds today.  

Will be having follow up uro-oncology appointment next week.  Hoping to see that gfr number rebound!

You all are an inspiration in perserverance.  I know many of you have battled this disease a long time and at three years I am still a newbie.  On top of my issues I have a husband who has been at Stage IV liver disease (NASH) for 25+ years.  So he is my inspiration as well!

It is great to have a group of folks who can understand what you are going through. 


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