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husband now has possible malignant node in thyroid

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Hi I've been on the kidney board since Feb when my husband had a complete kidney removed.  shortly after he complained of

severe neck pain.  A CT Was done followed by a needle biopsy.  Results were given to us yesterday.  Seems there is a "Follicular

Neoplsm" this means tat it may be benign but that surgical excision is recommended.  We are seeing ear, nose and throat

DR May  4 who specializes in thyroids.  this is a f_ _ _ _ _ g nightmare.  I am a wreck!  I don't want to find out little by little that he has

cancer in several places waiting to be found or act out.  We have been together since we  turned 18, and  married at 19.  We are

one of the success stories of married couples.  He is my best friend, a great husband, great father to 3, and wonderful grandfather to

6.  I'm sorry, I am having a very emotional day!

Reading your stories I know you  have been through a lot worse, and I pray for better days for you.  But I need to know if anyone can

tell me does this seem like the "C" is in other parts of his body waiting to appear.  I don't believe in this kind of coincidence. 

Thank you and god bless


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Hi Ann, 

This may be a coincidence.  A few months ago, I had a scan show nodules on my thyroid and my blood work showed i was hyperthyroid.  It was recommended by 2 doctors that I have it removed but I kept hesitating and they still have not changed on scans.  Benign thyroid nodules are not uncommon.. It may be the cancer but please be sure to get at least a second opinion before surgery.

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it is not said yet that this is cancer. But even if it is - thyroid cancer is very-very treatable! Some cancers like thyroid, lymphoma, early stage kidney cancers are smth like "best ones to get"

wishing it is not cancer at all!


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can be cause from a thyroiditis induced by a TKI. I had this experience myself with a TKI where my thyroid levels were initially high and then swung to low and needed to take thyroxine as a replacement. My endocrinologist would not look for nodules as they are very common and only confuse the situation. Perhaps this could explain what is happening to you>

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I hope it turns out to be nothing! I have a benign thyroid nodule and I know lots of ppl who do. Hopefully its just a dip in the road

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The emotions must be running high. Not easy to always be wondering if this is the time the other shoe is going to drop.

Hoping the results are good. Keep us posted!



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Hi thyere,

I ad a radical nephrectomy 8 years ago, was fine for over 2 years, went overseas (am from Australia) and felt well with no further treatment. Then I had a lump in my throat(no pain or discomfort). Had a biopsy but they were not able to get a clear result. Sought 2 other opinions and finally had a thyroidectomy - it was renal cell. I have been on thyroxine ever since, did several more overseas trips and generally had a great life :) I was monitored in that time with regular blood tests and scans, and towards the end of last year, mets were found so am now on Votrient. Latest scans show good shrinkage and I am still doing most things that I enjoy (except bushwalking due to breathlessness caused by drug )

I wish you and your husband the very best and trust that whatever path you take, it will be the right one for you and that you get the support you need,



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