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AUS800 Problem

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Hello; I am new to this Board. I initially mistakenly located the following query, in the chat-room. My query/concern is this; 3 years ago after a radical prostatectomy in 2002, I was fitted with an AUS800. All went well for the last 3 years, until I recently began experiencing increasing left Low groin pain.  My pad use has now increased to around 5 pads a day, from the initial one a day. My PSA is unchanged and quite low. Whilst I DO intend to see my Doctor regarding this problem, I am interested if anyone else has experienced similar problems.

Please accept my apologies for my question dancing all over the place, it's just that I have had little experience in these On-Line situations.

With my sincere thanks in anticipation.


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Welcome to the board. There have been several patients reporting on their experiences with AUS800. You can try mailing them directly your query via CSN Email (found at the left corner of this page). Here is one thread related to the artificial urinary sphincter;





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Hi, just had scar tissue removed from the urethra / bladder neck. Hopefully this will now remain open and am looking forward to AUS fitting  in a few months. My question is how long does the catheter remain after the aus surgery?

Have acatheter in place right now for a total of 11 days after last surgery and it’s a pain.

thanks for any information.

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I have not heard of the need for a post-surgery catheter need for AUS surgery.  I did not need one after my AUS surgery.

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Thanks Joseph, that’s a relief. 

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