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Question - frequency of scans vs. Xray

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My Oncologist is now ordering just 1 scan/ year. Xray & bloodwork only at 6 months. She says at the 2.5 -3 year mark with NED that this is fine. Thoughts?


I've been getting 2-3 scans/ year and the 1st year I had 4.

I had a 5.0cm RCC Stage 1 / Grade 1 - My surgery was 07/2012.

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Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Mine was a T1a/G2 and my follow up hasn't been nearly as aggressive as yours was. Mine is more like what they are suggesting to you now.

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Mine isn't that aggressive either (also stage 1). It's US and a chest x ray along with blood work every six months.

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For NED 3 years out and Stage 1 Grade 1.

It's good news. I'd stick with annual scans for awhile though. I wouldn't want the annual scan eliminated (which they might want to do at 5 years, but 5 years is no magic number for kidney cancer).


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