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Luekine in Off Phase of ADT3

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Hi, I have started a new posting as my old one was getting a little long 

a copy of it can be found here http://csn.cancer.org/node/261390

I am now in my 2nd off phase of ADT3 , stopped Zolodex, Xtandi in December 2013 and I am in "maintainance" mode using Luekine to stimulate my immune system injected subcutaineously 14 days on 14 days off. In addition I take proscar and Celebrex.

My PSA dropped to <0.008 during my "on phase" and has remained that way since, also my last CTC reading was Zero. What has happend this time which is most unusual is my white blood cell count has fallen from an aveage of 6 to 2.4. What is even more interesting is that if I have my T cell checked at the end of my off phase on Luekine is averaging 4.8 but drops again when I start the Luekine.

As Luekine is supposed to boost the white cell count this is counter intuative. My Oncologist says he has seen it in rare cases previously and cant explain why this occurs. When I was in my first off phase of ADT3 and using Luekine my blood cell count remained unchaged at the long term average.

I have looked on the net for other cases of this occuring and cannot find any.

I am currently in my 14 day off period and will have my blood tested again in 10 days time and again in 25 days time to see if this rise and fall persists.

If it does I am concenred that the Luekine maybe hindering the maintaiance of my Immune system rahter than helping and perhaps I should stop using it.

Any comments gratefully received.



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Hi Traveler,

Leukine has been used in the treatment of prostate cancer since long ago because of its anti tumour effects. With the advent of the newer drugs, Leukine took a backseat and became often used as a second line drug to complement ADT or Chemo. Most of the patients in Leukine are guys that have experienced refractory (HRPC) with an immune system fustigated by long periods of medications, in need of help to “rejuvenate” which is what Leukine seems to be good at.

Nowadays fewer doctors still use it but not in every patient. It seems that they prefer Leukine as a rescuers drug in short periods of administration. Dr. Myers used it intermittently. He made a presentation introducing the main topics of Leukine you can read in this link;


As far as I know most of the data on researches have been published by Dr. Eric Small. He is also the source used by Myers in his judgements with Leukine protocols. Here is one paper from 1999;


Dr. Tucker’s experience with Leukine may have its origins during his work with Dr. Leibowitz. He is a very experienced medical oncologist which surprises me for not knowing the reasons behind the drop of white blood cells count. If your comment is right (he can’t explain why this occurs) then my lay opinion is that you should stop taking Leukine immediately. There is a published paper regarding Leukine administration and its results published by his co-worker Dr. Leibowitz, you may be interested in knowing the details;


Dr. Nowak, another great PCa researcher and specialist, also has a brief note regarding Leukine used in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. He comments on edema as a side effect from the drug. I wonder if your physical trouble and symptoms are due to Leukine;



Sorry if my post is not of helpful. I think it proper you get a second opinion from an experienced oncologist. Maybe you could try contacting Dr. Myers office. In the past he did attend some patient via the phone.

Best wishes for continued success in the management of the cancer, if such still exist in you. I think it not.



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Dangerously low WBC counts are a hallmark of lymphoma and leukemia patients, especially when on chemo.  We are routinely given a colony stimulator drug known by trade name as Neulasta.   It causes the bone marrow to develop more WBCs, and is extremely effective.  I do not know if it is used in PCa, but cannot imagine why not. 

Ask your doctor about it.  I am interested to hear what he says.  It is expensive, but as I said, it works great. There might be insurace questions, but it is worth fighting for.  Read this link for the technical data. The only common side-effect is bone pain, especially for people with arthritis, but not everyone gets this bone pain.

























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Thanks Max & Vasco,


I have decided to have full haematology every 10 days for the next 40 days and see what transpires ,this will (when added to my last lot of blood tests) take me thru 2 "on Luekine" and 2 "off Luekine" periods and if the volitility continues I will discuss it further with my Oncologist. It is clearly very odd. In my last haematology report (when my white blood cell count was 2.7 ) the foot note said. NORMAL PERIPHERAL BLOOD FILM EXCEPT FOR MILD LEUCOPENIA. NO EARLY CELLS SEEN. Not sure what "early cells" means in this context.


I will post again after these blood test results are know.


Kind regards



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