Hi everyone!

On April 15 I was diagnosed with Endometrial adenocarcinoma after D&C.
Reading this forum is giving me hope.
I want to thank you for sharing and helping and to wish you success in this fight.

My few questions are:

1. Do I need another referral from my Gynecologist if I decide to go to another Oncologist? She gave me one, but I'm thinking of going to different Hospital. The whole situation with referrals is not quite clear for me yet.

2.I quit my job on Friday and now I'm waiting to receive the papers from Cobra in order to get Continues Health Insurance. I'm just afraid not to have a gap between the recent one I had and the continues one. Also are the insurances cover most of the expenses. I guess I'll have plenty of it.

3. Is it normal to wait for days, weeks or months for appointments,treatments, surgery......

I don't have experience with Hospitals. I thought I'm in good health. I had and I guess still have few myomas(Uterine fibroids) and I was thinking that my complains (spotting, bleeding not much or often, pain during sex...) are caused by them. Last Pap test and ultrasound I had about an year and half ago. The Doctor then said that the myomas are smaller, than the previous year. I'm 51 years old and in menopause, so I was thinking, that the fibroids could shrink with the years and the complains will stop as well. I was very wrong...

I appreciate any word from you and thank you so very much.