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Absent for a while: here's why

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It has been a few weeks since I was last here, and here's why: more cancer in the family. About a month ago my oldest, who's 31, came to me after a Saturday night dinner out with the family to say that he was in pain and needed a trip to the ER. A few hours later we were told that he most likely had developed testicular cancer. The next ten days flew past. Two days later we met with a urologist, who confirmed the diagnosis, and the very next day he had a radical orchiectomy, which is pretty much always the first step. Three days later he was back at the hospital for a CT scan and then the next day (Friday) we met with the urologist again to hear the diagnosis and staging. I'm happy to say that his was the single best possible outcome: stage 1 classic seminoma. His treatment options therefore include possibly doing nothing other than getting regular scans and blood work. We'll be talking with a radiation oncologist and possibly a medical oncologist in the next couple of weeks as he has nearly recovered enough from the surgery to begin adjuvant treatment, should he decide to do any.

It has been a busy month around here, but things have quieted down enough for me to get back on the boards for some good talk.


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So sorry to hear about this.  Sounds like very good news though otherwise in terms of the prognosis and treatment.  

Thoughts with you and your son for all the next steps and results...

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When our children suffer, we suffer. 

I am happy to hear that is is Stage I, what a blessing to have caught it early. 

My husbands two young nephews have both had Testicular Cancer, and are free and clear. 

I pray that your son is free and clear and that he will require no more treatment. 

Sue - Turbrit

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and good thoughts for your family.  Somehow it's always worse when our children are involved.  Sounds like he's in great hands.



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Hi John,

my husband was 33 when he was diagnosed with stage 1 testicular.  He did surgery and radiation, as was recommended by the doctors.  About 12 yrs later he was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer.  Quite possibly from the radiation.  Wish his doctors would have explained that risk and maybe suggested earlier screening. wish we knew enough to read about secondary cancers to catch it earlier.  Kind of wish he never did radiation, but who knows ...

so your son will most likely be fine, just make sure he is aware of links between TC and CrC 




Previous treatment for certain cancers

Some studies have found that men who survive testicular cancer seem to have a higher rate of colorectal cancer and some other cancers. This might be because of the treatments they have received.



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Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. We're definitely considering all the options and while radiation seems to be the urologist's preference, we're not completely sold on it. The NCCN Guidlelines show that a comparable alternative involves two treatments with carboplatin, which has similar or better long-term outcomes and none of the risks of radiation. Ultimately, it's my son's decision and he hasn't gotten there yet.

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John - So glad to hear it was caught early.  My husband had stage II testicular cancer almost 20 years ago now. His urologist was very slow with the diagnosis--finally went to the ER with the pain  He went with chemo because of the lymph node involvement.  He has been cancer free ever since.  Good luck to your son as he makes his decision.  Traci

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is as good as it can be whenever cancer is involved. Stage 1 sounds beatable. Good luck to you and your son.


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When I see your name, I think of the bible verse!  Very sorry about your son but happy that it was caught early and he has good care. glad you are back.



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