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My Wish

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Billy's Wife
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My Wish

I wish there was a cure for cancer

All cancer

Not one over the other

Who gets more money than the other-

Just cure cancer!

No more tests

CT scans, MRI's, Bone scans, Pet scans, mammograms,

Colonoscopy, endoscopy, which one works better?

No more needles

No more contrast, or without

Just cure cancer

All cancer

No more drugs,

Chemo, sutent, votrient, IL2,

Side effects that steal your very breath,

Vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, rashes,

Just cure cancer

All cancer

The adult kind that steals your dreams of lazy days in retirement together

well earned---

The childhood kind that steals the very heart of all those that learn of it.

Tears and Fears-hand in hand

Just cure cancer

All cancer

No more fund raisers, races, and bowling nights in pink or in purple

No more dollars at the grocery store-

Playing on guilt and pain of those everyone has lost-

No more fears and tears of yet another bad result

Eggshells and sleepless nights from the beginning of that dreaded word



No more oncologists and radiologists-

Send them all to those other diseases yet uncovered and uncured-

Give the Daddies and Mommies back to the kids

Give the kids back to the Daddies and Mommies

Comfort the families and give those Grandma's and Grandpa's back too.

Just cure cancer

All cancer

Will it end?


Prove to the world that Jonas Salk was not alone-

To bring an end--

To open those bright futures once again.

Bills upon bills, insurance, is it coverd or not?

Lost homes, lost jobs--because you got sick!

In addition- you are sick!

Physical pain. emotional pain, financial pain---


Prove to all that it's not about money

That all doctors can work together and not apart

For all of humanity-

Beat it NOW!!

End the suffering and the tears--


Cure Cancer


It's not about the money?

The Ultimate Challenge!!

Enough, Done, Over,



I Wish..............




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That poem had me in tears. Beautiful.



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Tears, yes...

I must say I believe that one day cancer will be cured. there is so much progress in that area lately, scientists just need more time. Some decades ago cancer was a sure death sentence. Now it is not. So many lives are saved. The work just have to continue, and there will be no more victims of this terrible disease In the future.

maybe I'm idealistic, but I believe that.

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Excellent sentiments...well said too!!

BUT we also must learn and concentrate on PREVENTING cancer as well.
Prevention CAN be done, early detection.. healthier treatments outside ofWestern medicine only.

Wellness is a wonderful goal~

Thanks for sharing ..

Warmly, Jan

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Billy's Wife
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Joined: Jan 2014

I too once felt strongly that research was headed in the right direction. I had hope.

Unfortunately we are a cancer family.

Cancer took my mother in 1993.  At diagnosis in 1983 she said "where is the money for breast cancer?"

Fast forward 21 years to 2004 and my husband s diagnosis of RCC. It seemed in 2004 that RCC was where breast cancer was in 1983 when my mother asked that question.  My mother doesn at age 63, my husband died in 2012 at age 60.  My husbands Dad died of melanoma at age 41 in 1965 when there was no pro longing life.

Yes there has been progress but prolonging life is not enough.  I fear as many do that it is not cost effective to CURE it

I want to be wrong but the drug companies are big business.  All those careers built around cancer treatment!

i know a 2 year old girl being treated for retinoblastoma

and a ten year old girl who just lost her mother to brain cancer.

Then  there is Djinnie.....

Cure it NOW!! Enough!!


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I am very sorry for cancer victims in your family, and I'm sad about all cancer victims... But I still hope we are on the right track. It is big business, for sure, but so many people get cured now, who would have been doomed before. My grandma died of cancer at 86. She was first diagnosed in her 60-ties, and treatment gave her 20 extra years of good life. My colleague got cured of melanoma.  The owner of the grocery in my neibourghood had testicular cancer. Mom's friend - breast cancer. I also know those who lost their battles, and it was terrible.  But if not for progress in treatments, they would be twice as much among people I know. I will be hoping...

And of course, prevention, as said above! Screenings, healthy lifestyle - we learn from scientists more and more about those things, which increase our chances and lessen cancer's

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Tears...... Amen! Amen! 

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All i can say is AMEN!!

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I wish too....well said x

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