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Votrient failed, on to Afinitor

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I had such good results at three months on Votrient so I was surprised today that the six month scan showed progression in all of the lung mets. I will be starting Afinitor and he wants to see me again in three short weeks--maybe because they need early blood tests. I did have my lowest creatinine in 18 months at 1.59. Best before that was last time at 1.9. I guess I will have tri color hair. There is still an inch of color and a new inch of white. So will the new hair will come in colored again. I should get a Mohawk in a couple of months

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Join a punk band!

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I say color your hair pINK or pURple..some WILD color eh? NO?

Yet I am sorry your mets got bigger..dang!! Enuff!

Sending you healing thoughts, good wishes for wellness..

Will walk this journey along side you .. if.. you like!!

Sending you a nice hug, Thaxter!!


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Did you have many side effects on the votrient? Hopefully the Afinitor will be more effective and have less side effects as well. I've heard it's easier to tolerate, particularly on the stomach.

Please keep us updated.

Best to you,


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First six weeks on Votrient were bad with mouth sores, diarrhea, etc. but when dose was reduced to 600/400 it became more tolerable. I would have gladly stayed on it if it continued to be effective. 

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