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Had my 2nd opinion about my liver lesions and learned I'm pRCC

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I met the AMAZING Dr. Molina yesterday. I LOVE her. Sorry for all the caps, but I loved her. I learned I have papillary RCC which I did not know before. She said it makes up around 10% of all RCC cases. She immediately ordered all new scans, bloodwork etc. She promised to get to the bottom of the lesion and go from there. She didn't think it was anything, but she said you can never leave anything up to chance with RCC. Hopefully, I'm not one of the less than 5% that has a Stage 1 reoccurence so quickly. She really put my mind at ease. With the support of this grop and her as my new oncologist I think I will be ok! Thank you again.

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It sounds like Dr. Molina is a good one. She is addressing everything - and not brushing you off. So many physicians these days seem to do that.

I am so glad she put your mind at ease.



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I'm glad to hear it. 

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I've heard that papillary is good, isn't it? Less aggressive?

great to have a doctor you can fully trust! It really gives you feeling of being safe

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Unfortunately pRCC is one if the most aggressive forms of RCC.  It's simply misunderstood because so few get this form, especially type 2 which is extra extra aggressive.  one must be diligent and be super aggressive in return when fighting this form of RCC!  Surgery is really the only known way to remove as drugs typically do not work.  What makes it even scarier is that there are no standard of care for papillary and they simply throw darts to see what sticks!


seek additional opinions and demand the care you want! Especially when it comes to follow up a CT scans!

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Hi I just posted a link to an article about a study of non-clear cell (including Pappilary) for treatments. It tested two drugs to see which were most beneficial for first line therapy. At least they are researching it. 


Also, I've come across some clinical trial information recently for non-clear cell. It may be worth noting for lurkers that clinical trials are typically recommended as first line treatment for these rarer cancers. Sucks, as you know, but I look at the results here for Foxy, Darron, etc by going into a clinical trial and feel hopeful. 

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