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6 month CT results: ...

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NED oh yeah!!! All clear, still have this small 3mm nodule on lung but it hasn't grown since last scan so...

Really happy with the results!! Next step, genetic test in a couple of weeks and next Ct in 6 months.

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Wonderful news,congratulations

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Keep up the NED's. A 3mm nodule in the lung which shows  no sign of growth is normal even for those outside our club.




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That is fantastic! :-)

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Great going! NED is a wonderful word.

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During my original diagnosis discussion, my Dr. did mention that there were some (3) very small spots on my lung, but believed they were unrelated.  He thought they might be from other illnesses over the years.


So I guess those are not untypical?




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Wonderful news!!!!!

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Hi Dave,

Congratulations on your NED results! So good to hear. I hope this is an ongoing thing for you.

You are the second person in the last couple of days to mention genetic testing....and since you are Canadian, like me, I am curious as to the details and how you get this done?



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I actually don't know a lot about genetic testing, my urologist asked me to have those tests yesterday. I have to go to a different hospital to have it done and i know it could take a couple of months before they call me for an appointment. He wants it done because of my age(I was 37 when diagnosed in july 14) to check if it could be genetic or hereditary since rcc is kind of rare at that age. I don't even know how they can check that, i assume a DNA test must be completed. As soon as i know more, i'll let you know.


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Awesome!  Congratulations on the great news. 

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I would like to know how and where do I get the genetic tests? anyone? thanks 

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congrats on your happy news Dave 

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My Oncologist is now ordering just 1 scan/ year. Xray & blood word at 6 months. She says at the 2.5 -3 year mark with NED that this is fine. Thoughts?

I've been getting 2-3 scans/ year and the 1st year I had 4.

My surgery was 07/2012.


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Happy pants dance! 

Such wonderful news 8-)

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Re: genetic testing.


I am Canadian, and I've had some testing done, and waiting on results of further.  I had a complete 14 syndrome panel done in Dec (took until March to get results).  Mainly they were looking for Cowden's and/or Li Fraumeni.  Both syndromes can cause thyroid and kidney cancers.  Luckily, tested negative for mutations, but samples were sent to the US for detetion testing.


There is also another test they can run called BAP1.  Specifiacally for kidney cancer, also linked to melanoma.


I was referred by 2 of my doctors as they were both convinced it's a hereditary thing going on with me. 


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