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HELP please - diagnosis process; how do they know for sure???

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Hi there. I’d really appreciate if anybody can share similar experience. My sister is my world. I have no desire to keep going if anything happens to her. What are the chances of this kidney mass being malignant? She’s 44 years old and had a CT scan. The Dr ordered MRI saying the CT scan cannot tell for sure: 

"Solid vascular mass adjacent to right kidney measuring up to 6.1cm. This could represent neoplasm or adenopathy."


Can anyone share the experience of the diagnosis process and how is it determined to be cancer? Is 6.1CM size a bad sign? Being a solid mass a bad sign? Why couldn’t the CT scan be conclusive? Do we have hope that this can be benign?


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A diagnosis of Kidney Cancer is not the end of the world and a full recovery from the surgery alone is often the case. Mine was almost 13 years ago with a 4+cm tumor.

Yes there is a chance it is beign, but at that size it would be unusual to be benign.

For all of us who have been thru this hearing the word's kidney cancer is very scarry. We all were scared to say the least.

After the kidney is removed they will do a biopsy to confirm whether it is cancer as well as the characteristics of the cancer. Occassionally (5-10%) it turns out that the mass is in fact benign.

Keep us posted as to your sister's progress. All of us on this board have been there and done that.

Also there are a lot of posts on this board where the kidney cancer has spread. I am optomistic that your sister will not fall into that catagory at 6.1 cm.



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Thank you sooo much for your reply Icemantoo. How soon was your surgery scheduled after the diagnosis? Did you need additional treatment after that? Was there any sufferring post surgery?

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As Icemantoo said, a benign tumor of that size would be a little unusual. They are also picking up vascularity so that is another indication of malignancy. My report didn't even make any bones about it; it said, "most likely cystic renal cell carcinoma." But remember that everyone on this forum has gone through the same thing and we are still here. It's 2015. There are so many treatments around nowadays. But let's cross that bridge when we come to it. 

At 6cm, the tumor would still be considered Stage 1 cancer if it is confined to the kidney. And that is very treatable through surgery. There are a million unanswered questions but the reality is that the doctors are probably gonna want to take it out as soon as they can and once it's out they can see what type it is and you go from there. Cancer IS NOT an immediate death sentence anymore. Don't go there mentally.

We are all still here and plan to be for a very long time to come.

- Jay 

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Iceman and Jason are absolutely correct. Both in the fact that solid kidney mass in most cases appears to be renal carcinoma ( sorry...), and in the fact that at size 6,1 cm it is stage 1. As report haven't said anything about possible metastases - this means your sister will have surgery and be allright ecven if it is cancer.

and tgere were some occasions on these boards when masses turned out to be benign. But anyway, you and your sister are very lucky to have it diagnosed at this size!

goog luck, keep us posted!


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Fear is the worst medicine! We've all been there and dont it. 6cm isnt really very big although it will seem like it. Your sis will want to get it out as soon as possible. Its best to try to be strong. One of the worst things about getting cancer, I have found, is seeing the fear in the faces of the people I love.

Also, dont worry, but there can be a genetic component in some cancers. It would be worth getting yourself checked out. My brother did and when he was pronounced clear, it was a weight off both our minds.

Good luck to you both, and I know its impossible, but try not to worry too much

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I am going to say that since it is adjacent to the kidney, this can be anything. I don't even think the doctors can know for sure unless they take it out or biopsy it.  Don't think too far ahead, see what the docs suggest and always get a second opinion. Get copies of all of your reports and put them in a folder.  Make sure the second opinion is someone who knows about kidney cancer and a great surgeon would help also. It can be anything at this point, don't get overly concerned.  There have been lots of cases on this sight were it turned out not to be cancer.  Praying for you guys. Try to remain calm.  Like the others have said, even if it did turn out to be something, it does not mean death.  Surgery alone can handle it and if not, then there are plenty of meds that can help now.  Take one day at a time. Hugs!!!

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