Boyfriend has no compassion

After telling my boyfriend (Have to admit we were on the outs) about developing stomach cancer and needing surgery he had the nerve to tell me, "Wow, thats tough". Now I know there are people who have no moral compass or compassion and this has been very painful to me me.  How can someone cope with people that we love who arent able to be supportive durring our time of need?  He eventually broke up with me and I went through surgery, treatment, and healing alone and afraid.  We have a 4yr old son together and for him I want desperately to get back together with my ex and have a life together for our son's sake that is full of love and compassion.  How can I teach someone compassion who has lost all feeling for me?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Kimberly


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    1st of all, hugs to you

    1st of all, hugs to you Kimberly and how are you doing? Have things gotten any better your ex, as far as treating you well? And yes, compassion can be taught, in fact there are many articles on it!