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What do you call FOLFOX without the Oxaliplatin or Avastin?

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I have completed 11 of 12 rounds of FOLFOX, sort of anyway.....  I finally called a halt to the Oxaliplatin after two dose refuctions - neuropathy was getting to be more concerning. I can easily live with the neuropathy I have, but dont wanT more. My onc and surgeon called a halt to the Avastin, as they wanpt me off of it for 6 weeks prior to my May 20 HIPEC surgery date. 

So Im not sure what to call my last round of chemo..... Anti climactic? Does it matter? :)

i'd always had this mebtal picture of me running across the finish line of chemo victoriously,like an Olympic runner. - confetti, crowds cheering, etc. That image has totally changed, I'll still cross the finish line victoriously but it will be like the middle aged, out of shape person I was and still am. Basically, I'll cross the finish line as myself and thats a very good thing! :)

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Was dx’d in 2006 as #4 CC; did Chinese imported herbs and clean since 2006.




There is no “finish line”, so don’t bother looking for one; it doesn’t exist. You will interpret a hangnail to be cuticle cancer. Every ache and pain you will ever have you will assume to be some form of cancer and you will worry about it until it’s proven otherwise. A “really good” Oncologist will provide a PET and show you that you have reason to worry, even if the PET is only indicating normal cell glucose up-taking  activity.


Welcome to the wonderful world of cancerphobia , where no-one is acutely safe.




Be well. It’s easier than you think!


(You WILL survive!)





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John, definitely know what you mean, every tweak and odd fleeting pain, you can't help but wonder if it's cancer. 


I'm setting short term finish lines.... My first finish line is finishing my round of FOLFOX, not the ever elusive cure. 

Once Im done with my first round of chemo, I'll set my sights on my HIPEC surgery, and the related recovery, then maintenace chemo (if indicated), etc. Looking at the long haul gets me too freaked out, so I'm all about short term wins. I figure if I can win a majority of the battle, then I've got at shot at the whole ball of wax. 

Great to see your success on the battlefield! 

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Been missing you.

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Yea, glad HIPEC is in the cards and that you cross that finish line with a large smile on your face.

Winter Marie

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but would clarify that of my 7 treatments, only 5 included the Oxaliplatin. (I was scheduled for 12; couldn't handle it.)  Avastin isn't part of the Folfox definition.  I was on "Folfox Plus Avastin."  Technically, the treatments without oxaliplatin were just 5FU (the Leucovorin is a vitamin always given with 5FU, and part of the initials in Folfox.) 

Of note, my last treatment was almost 7 years ago.  Been fine ever since (despite some residual neuropathy.)

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They always refered ton it as 5FU with oxoliplatin

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