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Colonoscopy question

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Good evening everyone, I am finally having my colonoscopy next week and had a question about the bowel prep. I am taking the golytley solution and have read various opinions on it. My question is, can I add flavoring to it, like crystal light?  I know it can't be anything red. I have read some people say definitely add flavor and I have read some say you can't add anything to it. Did you add flavor and if not how bad does this stuff taste?



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of a Colonoscopy is the prep. Sorry to say that, seeing you're heading into this, but it is true. 

I tried to do the GoLITELY once, very unsucsessfully. I threw most of it up all over the bathroom wall, and now I take SUPREP, which is allot more palatable (but not by much). 

I too have heard that people add flavouring to GoLITELY, but my advice would be for you to ask your GI Doctor. 

Good luck with your procedure. I hope all is well and it comes back clear. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I mixed it with a gallon of lemon gatoraid. Chilled it for a few days And returned it to the bottles.  Drank two quarts the night befor, and only one the morning of

It just made the gatoraid a little salty. Was pretty easy to get down.  GOOD LUCK!!!.  

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I did yellow gatorade, wasn't good, wasn't terrible.  The stuff just doesn't taste great, not much you can do about it.

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I've done more preps than I'd like to remember. 

My first one - I followed the directions to the letter (and yes, it said I could add flavoring - just no purple or red coloring).

My second one was much easier as I did not mix the whole solution (see below).

The one that I had in the hospital the day prior to my colorectal surgery was administered by the surgical floor nurse.  I asked if the pharmacy delivered it pre-mixed.  She said no.  I asked her to do the following:

1). Don't mix the dry prep mix.

2). Bring me 4 cups and a large container of water.

3). I mixed just enough prep solution with water to dissolve the solution (a few ounces).  Then I added powdered grape flavored Propel (it wasnt colored) - to help with the taste.

4). I drank the few ounces of prep mix - through a straw - and then drank a whole 8-10 ounce glass of cold water as a "chaser".

5). Repeat every 10-20 minutes until gone.

Worked perfectly.  In fact, it went so well and the nurse was checking the bowl after I "went", that she said it did a great job and I didn't have to finish the last of the prep.

So, that is what I do now.  The small amount of prep isn't too bad - when you can chase it with a big glass of delicious cold water!!!

Good luck!





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I have not used GoLytely, but used Suprep & Miralax.  The Suprep was okay (initially) but became very salty by the time I was done with it.  Doable, but the Miralax was better.  

Used these riules


And I think I mixed it all in a large clear Gatorade bottle (Frost or whatever the flavor was, got the large 64 ounce version and used that).  Kept in in the fridge.  Was a lot more pleasant process, well the drinking part and isntructions, better taste and less hassle Laughing 

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I agree with the Miralax.  I've done a bunch of different ones, and the miralax was the most palatable, you could mix it with something clear(ish), and it was EFFECTIVE.  I mixed mine with apple juice and was clean as a whistle.  Some of the preps involve dulcolax which 1). Did not work as well and 2). Gave me terrible abdominal pain and cramping.

The prep is indeed the worst part of it.

Miralax has also been my friend on chemo.  Most people have diarrhea.  I had to go and be different and get terribly constipated with FOLFOX (or perhaps it was the anti-nausea meds?).  Like passing boulders.  BUT, Miralax ended up being a lifesaver.  I would start the Colace a couple days before chemo, and then mix Miralax with hot cocoa (you cant taste it in there!) the day of chemo and a couple days after and it fixed me up good and proper. 

So...if one can seriously tout a particular form of get stuffs moving, my vote is for Miralax.

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This is what I'd done last year under a different doctor and hated it.  I'm going to try for the Miralax, dulcolax prep next time.  Hope it goes well as the prep is the worst part.  Good luck.


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the miralax/ducolax was a nightmare for me.  Horrible cramping and at one point diarrhea and throwing up at the same time.  Su prep has been my friend, although the second dose is hard to swallow there was no bad effects and the whole thing was over with in about 3 hours.  Good luck with whatever your choice is.

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Hi Kassy,

I use a straw when i am doing the prep. It works for me because the straw keeps the solution from coming in contact with your taste buds.

Good luck.

All the best 


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