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grade III, Anaplastic Astrocytoma in 3 year old

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Very dear friends of mine just had their three year old grandchild diagnosed with grade III, Anaplastic Astrocytoma.  It's not where they can do surgery and her prognosis is very grave.  However, the doctor has not given up, instead is searching to see what else up there can be done for her.  She had vision problems and lost the ability to walk after her first seizer.  They put a shunt in and she is now saying a few words and stood on her own for a few seconds and even took a few steps.  They let her come home while they decide what is next for her.  I'm posting here to see if there is anyone that can give me suggestions on what other avenues they might try.  It's good to see people surviving here.  The aunt is compiling a book of information from friends on face book and will give that to the parents.  She's putting any and all suggestions in there on what else might be tried for this baby.  I suggested St. Jude. 


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What a horrible tragedy. My heart breaks just thinking about it.

St Jude is good suggestion. Also there is a laser called LITT for inoperable case. Google LITT and glioma and it should come up. Plus there are also vaccine therapies. A multidisciplinary approach would be the best.


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They were told today their little girl only has a few months to two years left.  They are strong believers in God so their faith is strong but no one has given up hope.  Right now they are looking into a 2nd opinion and to see if they can get her into any trials.  I'll pass on what you said here.  Thanks.

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She went to heaven.  Family is hanging in there.

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weeping as I read this. So very sorry beyond words. I really can't express how bad I feel for that baby and her family. I know that God weeps with them. When my son David died, the Scripture I held onto was this one:

"God is close to the brokenhearted, and He rescues those who are crushed in spirit." Psalms 34:18. I don't know it that (or anything) can bring them comfort, but I hope that someday their pain will ease a little and they will be able to begin healing. I know that will be a long time down the road.

I will be praying for them.

Love and blessings,

Cindy in Salem, OR

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