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Very Worried about PSA level at 7.6

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Hi everyone!  I just joined this network. I had a PSA test done today and it came out high at 7.6.  Last summer it was high at 7.4 and the Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix did a biopsy in July. Luckily no cancer was found. I"m 52 and my Dad had both prostrate cancer and then died of liver cancer at age 70.  I  just checked the results online on the Mayo Clinic website and I'm dreading the phone call from the Dr.I'm an otherwise healthy male who has had asthma my whole life and I've been a teacher for 31 years. This is a busy time of I take Advil for headaches and read online that Advil can increase the PSA level but I don't know how true this is. Please send prayers and advice my way! This isn't how I wanted to spend my Easter weekend!

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Prostate cancer is found in most men at some time in their live time or even after death. The percentage of positive diagnosis is above 90%.
So far nobody found cancer in you. I would not welcome you yet as a member of this forum. Surely you are at more risk to have it than the folks with no family history of cancer. That makes you to worry but the situation is more to be confronted positively. Be attentive and deal with the facts when they come. High levels of PSA can be a cause from many other facts other then cancer. BPH, sex, a squeeze in the abdomen muscles, cycling, riding a horse, etc. etc., they all could be the reason for a higher PSA.

Remember that you are not alone. Many guys get diagnosed earlier in life and after treatment live long and happy years, and see their kids and grandchildren growing up. PCa is not a death sentence. One must be attentive and strike timely and correctly.

Enjoy the Easter holidays.



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Listen up , Boys.

i had a PSA of 6 and did the biopsy and they found PC cancer at a Gleason 8.

Get it done .....Especially  if you had relatives  who  had it.

I'm doing the brachy hormones and radiation. War was already decided.

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Vasco says it well. PSA of 7.6 is above normal, but that could be caused by other factors. The biopsy report should be more reliable. Your doctor might recommend rechecking after a period of time.

Keep an eye on developments but I believe you need not be more than slightly concerned. I wish you well.

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I wonder what is the size of your prostate? That information is part of the biopsy report

Larger size prostates proportionately place preasure on the urethra, secreting more PSA into the blood.

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Numerous things can cause high PSA, but the most common is prostate cancer. My family doctor dismissed my PSA rising for three years, and I went to a urologist on my own, and she recommended an immediate biopsy, which was cancerous. There is no asthma or Advil link to PSA that I have heard of, but I suppose it is possible (I have asthma myself and am on an inhailer myself, but the urologist never mentioned it).

Assume the worst, hope for the best.  I too had a very enlarged prostate, and the PSAs were attributed to that (55 oz at removal; I had BPH for several years, requiring Flowmax). I also had chronic prostatitus for decades. Most types of chronic prostatitus are non-bacterial, and do not respond to Cipro or other antibiotics.  My biopsy confirmed this, with "inflammatory tissue" in the gland.

 My approach is vigilance, but everyone is different.


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