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Cancer: The emperor of all maladies

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Did anyone else here in the U.S. see the three part PBS show "Cancer:  The Emperor of All Maladies"?  It was unbelieveable. 

How chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, and clinical trials run have come to be??  Fascinating.  Like life, not everyone they highlight lives,  but it did give hope. 

Back before radiation could start I was getting a planning CT and the tech had been doing it for 22 years.  I said I bet she had seen a lot of changes in that time. She said yes but I had NO IDEA.

I have my calendar marked for "N.E.D." the documentary, but if you have the chance this was fascinating. 

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It was fascinating.  I was so engrossed I barely got any knitting done for 3 evenings.

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I watched it too, and found it riveting. We've come a long way........thank God for cancer researchers and compassionate doctors.


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Wow - it was a roller-coaster ride of emotions to watch this special.  Brought back a lot of memories of treatment 5 years ago.  I certainly feel lucky to be in on some of the new chemos, radiation technology & surgery.  I am also hopeful for future generations.  We will keep learning.  I hope somewhere someone is studying my donated cells right now!

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