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Trying to find someone who understands - Laryngeal Cancer 21 y/o

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A year ago today I had my right vocal cord removed to get rid of the remaining cancer. I was a singer prior to the surgeries and I can't sing anymore, I am trying to find someone who has suffered a physical loss like this to connect with? My friends and family keep saying that it is a blessing that I am still alive and that is all there is to it but I feel so alone in this battle right now. 

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I know it's not exactly the same. But I was a very active athlete, specifically basketball, before my diagnosis. Because of my treatment I developed avascular necrosis in all of my joints which mean I am not allowed to participate in any weight bearing impact activity, which means no basketball or even running or I risk the collapse of my bones. So I think I know kind of what you're going through. 

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Although it is obviously better to be alive, I understand that you're probably feeling like you lost apart of yoursself now that you can't sing. I hope you have found something to fill this void. I am 21 and was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer. I had an ovary removed and am constantly worried about having children one day. 

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I understand how you feel, I was diagnosed at 21 with stage 2 colorectal cancer and now, having half of my large intestine removed (among other things) I have a very hard time participating in all the sports that I used to enjoy. I used to be an avid rock climber, but now I am not allowed nor comfortable with doing it. Losing the things you loved to do because of cancer is probably one of the hardest things about having it. 


I feel you OP. 

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