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Hesitant to post.....UPDATE

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I fell hesitant to post becuse I feel like I'm probably just being a hpochondriac, but here it goes.


I want to start by sayig I have been reading posts here for the last couple months and very much appreciate everyone's candor, sharing and advice.  I pray for health for everyone of you.


Here's my story, which I'm going to try to condense....I have experienced bleeding with bowel movements off and on for several years but never thought anything about it.  I assumed it was normal for that to happen from time to time.  Well, in the last year I have had more and more episodes.  Starting in October I began having episodes of bleeding that was enough to turn the toilet bowel red.  I have been having more frequent bouts of diarrhea during the last year but since January I have a few days of diarrhea, almost pure water at times, just about every week to every other week.  I have also went from having a BM every few days (my normal) to at least once a day and often several times a day.  In the last few days I have been having large amounts of mucus with my BM's and feeling nauseaus.  The nausea is only in the mornings, however.  (not pregnant, I had a hysterectomy).  One of my biggest complaints is in the last year I have experienced severe almost daily upper abdominal pain.  I also have moderate pelvic pain from time to time.  I have bouts of rectal pain, almost like a muscle cramp in my rectum. More generally I have a lot of fatigue and no energy and lower back pain.


I went to my OB/GYN last year ago because I was having so much pelvic pain (I still have my ovaries) with bloating.  I was told I had an ovarian cyst.


I have a colonoscopy scheduled for April 16 and not sure why I'm posting here or what I'm hoping to accomplish other than just getting my fears and worries off my chest.  I haven't talked to my husband about this and keep telling him I'm sure its just hemi's.  I even keep telling myself that there is nothing and I'm overreacting.  But I can't shake this feeling that there is something wrong.  I have had such a strong feeling of my body not being right for a while now.  But when I went to my gyno last year I just KNEW I had ovarian cancer, I was absolutely sure of it then turned out it was just a cyst so there is a high probability that this will be another of those times that I let myself get worked up over nothing.  I guess I'm just wanting everyone's input and to also see if the symptoms I experience were similiar to yours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!  Blessings to ALL


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Welcome to the board, though I'm sorry for your symptoms.  I'm sure the anxiety is kicking in waiting for the colonoscopy.  :(

i hope it turns out to be something easily treatable, the colonoscopy should provide some answers.  

My heart sunk a little reading what you've been experiencing, as it hit pretty close to home when I became unwell.  I knew something was wrong, but assumed it was some form of IBS or colitis.  Looking back on my symptom diary I see intermittent sharp pain in rectum, headache, heartburn, diarrhea, clear mucus discharge, pain in right side of abdomen worse with deep breaths, nauseous, light headed, general feeling of unwellness and dread, stomach ache, etc...  I recall being tired all the time (fatigue) and had many bowel movements every day.  I couldn't eat without getting stomach cramps and having to go to the bathroom within 20 minutes.  If I had to be away from home during the day I would just skip eating until dinner time.

I hesitated in replying as I don't want you to assume the worst.  Let's hope that you are just working yourself up and that it's nothing again.  :)

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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

You have done the right thing to come here looking for support, regardless of what the results of your colonoscopy are going to be. 

Obviously we can't tell you yes or no, you have or you don't have Cancer, but we can tell you that you are very right in being worried. Even if it turns out to be nothing, you still have every right to be worried. Its the minds way of telling you that something is not right, and the chances are that you are right. And like the saying goes, better safe than sorry. 

Your symptoms are servere, but of course there could be several different explanations for them, only one of which is Cancer. Here's hoping that its not, but alas, if it is, join the ever growing crowd. 

For months before my diagnoisis I would look at my bloated stomach and a little voice in my head said 'You have Cancer'. I ignored it of course, and waited until my colon almost ruptured and I am Stage IV. What if I had listened to that little voice? Would I be Stage II or III? Oh well! Can't turn back the clock; just saying that we really should listen to our bodies, they are usually on the right track or at least telling us something is amis. 

The 17th must seem an age away. Waiting really, really sucks.  

I do so hope that you come back onto the forum and let us help you along the way, at least until you get a diagnosis. Then, if all is well as far as it not being Cancer, you can go your merry way, and we'll be so pleased for you.  

So, don't feel like you're being a hypocondriac, because you're not. You are listening to your body, and that is a wise thing to do.

If I could offer a little gem of advice. If you can (and some people find it hard to do), please DON'T stress over the next two weeks. Tell yourself, 'if its Cancer I'll just deal with it once I know for sure'. Don't let a single day go by where you don't get out and enjoy life. I personally believe that stress makes the Cancer grow. So, enjoy springtime, and you can deal with whatever comes after the 17th. 

Sue - trubrit


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If it doesn't turn out to be colon cancer, you might want to check for cervical cancer.  Chances are, if you're having constant extended, localized pain, that isn't normal!  Even if it goes away and comes back, keep seeing doctors and specialists til you figure out what is wrong. Bodies that are normal and healthy don't do that!  

I had a recurring pain in my right side - right near my rib, and so I had all kinds of tests, even a check of my gallbladder.  Turns out I had rectal cancer. And no pain in my rectum at all! 

One of my friends had odd pains, and she had a colonoscopy thinking it might be CRC.  Nope. Maybe a year after that she emailed me and said she had cervical cancer, stage IV.  She died about six/seven months later. Very sad, and completely unexpected. 

Hope you figure out what it is, and that it is benign and goes away.  I really wish medical science were evolved enough that certain cancers could be detected by simple inexpensive blood tests that could given routinely at every physical. Sigh


p.s. did they biopsy the ovarian cyst?? 



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Thank you so much for taking time to respond, it is very much appreciated!  My colonsocopy does feel like a lifetime away!  The wondering and not knowing is exhausting!

To answer the questin about if they bioposied the ovarian cyst.  No he didn't.  He did a transvaginal ultrasound and saw the cyst on my left ovary.  He believed it to be fluid filled and opted for the watch and see approach.  The pelvic discomfort decreased so he felt it resolved.  The pelvic pain I experience now seems to happen more frequently at night and wakes me up in the middle of the night. 

I will definitely post the results of my colonoscopy, good or bad.  I have read some posts on here that seemed very concerning but no follow up post and I'm left being worried for them wondering how everything turned out.  I will not leave you hanging, lol!

Oh ya, also, when I had my hysterectomy they took uterus and cervix so luckily that is not something I have to worry about.

Thank you again!



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The people here are great and we all hope that you do not join the club officially when your tests come back :)

There are many good things mentioned above from others.  Really try not too worry too much about the tests and results.  So often the worry is more than the actual, even if the actual turns out to be the not optimal thing hoped for.  Fear/anxious for me each step was probably as bad as the actual (almost)  Finally get my diagnosis officially the end of January, had surgery in Feb and just had my second chemo session.  

Truth be told I have many things I would prefer to be doing other than the above :)  but with doctors and nurses that have been great, plus support here, it really is something that is doable nd not the end of the world by any stretch.  Just stay as positive as you can.  Do the things you like to do.  You are getting your test and it will be what it will be and you will take it from there and get what needs to be done.

Again hoping you do not become official member.  


Good luck

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Welcome to the board and first and foremost, we always think the worst when our bodies are not acting right.  You sound like you have some symptoms that don't and shouldn't be ignored and you are doing something about it and good for you.  Another three weeks is going to seem like a lifetime, but three weeks isn't going to make a difference in the realm of treatment or outcome.  Surely I'd not want to wait, but I'm fairly impatient anyway.  Hoping that all goes well for you for your scope.  You have gotten so great advice above so I'll not give you further.  Glad you are paying attention to your body and make sure that you do follow up.  Will keep you in mind and thought until we hear the results.


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Hi, I posted some days ago and have exactly the same symptoms as you do.  Stomach cramps, can't hold onto food for very long.  Severe diahrea.  Bloating and gassey.  My colonoscopy is tomorrow and I'm a little bit terrified.  I remember when I was diagnosed with stage 2b bc.  That was almost 5 yrs ago so now I'm terrified every time I don't feel well and have to see a doctor related to possible metasteses.  I realize colon cancer would be a new cancer and I hope it's IBS or Diviiticulosis or something!  I wish you the best.  Sharon

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to the board! You're not a hypochondriac at all, you're very justified in finding out what's going on with your body. I think your symptoms warrant a colonoscopy. It's always smart to take action when you feel something's wrong and early detection of anything is always better. I had absolutely no symptoms, went in for a routine screening and 'bam!' Stage 3 cancer. So you never know.  Your situation  could be  something simple and treatable so try not to worry, hard as that may be. Good luck with your scope and let us know how it turns out. Best wishes!


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I had my colonoscopy today and he said I have a fissure and probable colitis. They took a biopsy to be sure so won't know absolutely for 5-7 days but no mention of tumor or anything else scary!  I feel like I can breathe again!

Thank you for your comments and concern and I sincerely hope for health and recovery for everyone here. God bless!




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That is good to hear.  When I woke up I was told, "Call this surgeon.  Now, before you leave."  No waiting for the report, it was obvious.  I am betting in 5-7 days every part will be good :) 

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makes me happy!


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I'm glad everything looks good so far!!!

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Hope they can get things under control.  Good luck, Traci

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