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butterfly wings
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Hi All ...


I'm just 5 weeks out of full kidney removal and gallbladder surgery. I'm feeling very queasy and nauseas.  I was going to go to my primary doctor today but felt what would she do??   Is this a side effect or should I go see ger?


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I didn't have any nausea once they took out the morphine drip the day after surgery so not sure if yours is related to your kidney surgery or the gall bladder surgery. I would imagine having your gall bladder removed would affect digestion but if I were you I'd ask my doctor about it.

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to contact the nurse either with your surgeon's office or your primary care office.  The nausea is highly likely related to the gall bladder removal and possible a mild inflammation of the pancreas.  Mine was found on a mid-night run to the ER.

When you are nauseated, you don't eat what is needed to restore energy and strength.  Petty soon it becomes a vicious circle.  Anti-nausea meds and then natural healing can get you thru the process.

Because I also had the L half of my liver and the gall bladder removed at the time of the kidney/nodes removal, I had pancreatitis beginning at about 2-3 weeks post surgery.  Once the pancreatitis cleared up, I started to get better and was OK by 6 weeks post surgery.  

Call someone, please.


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Speak to your general practitioner and they will tell you if you need to see your oncologist or more likely tell you there's nothing to worry about. Either way you have everything to win and nothing to lose by talking to your doc.

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It's nothing to lose if you talk to someone who is responsible. I called my surgeon everytime i had a symptom during first weeks now i wait for some days and if it doesn't get better then talk ti my urologist or oncologist. It gives me peace of mind. By the way i had nausea for 3-4 years before diagnosis and am ok Since surgery

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I've suffered bouts of nausea since I had my kidney removed 2 1/2 years ago. I'd tell the doctor about it. I haven't had much luck figuring out the cause. The docs tell me that nausea can be caused by 1000 things, and without other symptoms it can be hard to figure out.

I've heard a gall bladder removal can really affect your ability to digest fats. Did you get dietary guidelines one what/how to eat?

How's your kidney function since you had your kidney removed?

Talk to your doctor. I'd start with my family doctor, but tell all of them whenever you have a chance to talk to them. If it's serious enough, make an appointment or get them on the phone.


butterfly wings
Posts: 28
Joined: Mar 2015

Thanks for suggestions.  I'm guessing it has something to do with my gallbladder removal too.  I'm not sleeping great the last few nights so that's not helping either.  Must try to eat better and rest more and see does that help at all.


I haven't seen anyone since I was discharged from hospital.  Due back to see my urologist in 2 weeks.  I don't have an oncologist (the care is different here).  Not seeing my gallbladder surgeon till June (I thought that was a long wait).

I don't have much faith in primary care doctors but my dad said I have to go visit her!!  She doesn't have a nurse in her surgery.  I'll bring my son for his shots tomorrow and see what she says.

Thanks for all your kind words.

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