Help! Anyone have misdiagnosis of LC/Pancoast?

SunnyDaze75 Member Posts: 1

Hello, Im at my wits end! I am 37yrs old and a 20yr smoker that has quit about 6month now.  I have been dealing with right sided Chest/Back pain along with brown mucas production that only comes from the right for about 5yrs now,  the pain and mucas started at the same time.  I am convinced there is an issue with my lung causing this.  Over the past 5 years I have had 5 CT's and 3 X-rays, 3 Broncs and everthing has come up clear.  I do have several stable nodules. Now fast forward, this past year the pain has now started in my right sholder, upper arm, side of neck and the pain is way more pronounced in my inner scapula and chest and it radiated down the outside of my arm to my pinky. The mucus has considerable lessoned since I have quit smoking but I still have brown sputum in the morning sometimes with traces of blood, I will note that I dont have a cough tho, I can just feel it in my chest and it comes up. I have been to countless Dr's for this and noone has any type of diagnosis, everyone says its not my lungs, and they dont seem concerned about the brown sputum.  The sputum has been sent to the lab and nothing has been found. I alos have been to a Gastro dr and he scoped me and found nothing either.   I fear Lung Cancer, specifically Pancoast tumor, I am afraid the tumor is not showing up on the scan.  This has ruined my life, as I am always in pain and constantly thinking about it,has anyone been through this or offer some advice?  I want my life back!