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Yolllmbs is your appointment on mass tomorrow, the 30th?

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hey hon, my memory sucks, but is tommorow when you find out when they'll be doing surgery?

wishing and hoping good news, will be thinking of you.

Winter Marie

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I hope Yollimbs doesn't mind me answering this, but her appointment has been put back by the Doctor until April 17th. Isn't that just awful! First they make her wait two or was it three weeks, and now April 17th. 

I thought I'd answer, just in case yo doesn't make it onto the forum. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Don't that just bite!!!

Dont they realize the worry that we have to go through?

Apparently not, that just ticks me off!

Winter Marie

(thanks Sue)

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for asking and answering. I've been off the boards for a bit. My oldest grandson was in Icu in a drug induced coma due to extreme asthma attacks. They had to intubate him, hence the coma. He is doing much better now.  I am still waiting for the 17th with the surgeon. We got all the copies of the pathology reports and the scans. I've talked to two other doctors. The consensus of opinion is that the biopsy shows benign. They couldn't possibly know anything beyond that until they remove it.  The concern is the size. It is 10 inches long!  I'm holding my own. Sometimes feeling crazily hypochondriacal. I'm throwing myself into the kids. We are going to Chicago for a week. I'm taking deep breaths and while not on the board much (I'm trying to catch up) I have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. 


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Yolanda. They don't seem to have a sense of urgency about removing it so I think that's a pretty good sign. Go enjoy Chicago and try to take your mind off of things. Best wishes to you and your grandson, I'll be thinking of you on the 17th.


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haven't been on in awhile seen your having trouble hope eveything will be ok

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I lived in Chicago most of my life.  I now live in Arizone. When my wife and I were looking for a place to retire to, my son said:dad, you have lived in a wold class city most of your life.Any where you go will be a step down.  Just bite the bullet and do it.  Try to see the art institute, and the museum of science and industry.  When I lived in Indana and was extolling Chicago as a sports town, With the cubs,sox,bulls,bears,flames, I was asked about ski jumping.  The Norge Ski club in Fox River Grove,A nw suburb, holds an international meet every January. So I have seen jumpers from Norway.

To say the least I blew my inquirer away!!!


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been enjoying family but tomorrow we start touring. We can't wait to see the museums. 

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I was afraid to open this so glad it looks benign, that's GREAT!

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