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Just Diagnosed.....

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Hi, all. New here!

I've gone over a year and a half of various PSA readings, from 4.85 (9/2013 & my first ever PSA after turning 50 & was referred to a local uro practice) to a high of 6.7 (which bought me a TRUS biopsy-negative), back to 4.3, and then 5.7, 5.3, which is when the uro suggested a 24 core saturation biopsy. I really didn't want to do this. The aftermath of the 12 core was gross enough so I sure didn't think 24 needles was going to be any better and I feel as though the docs are shooting blind and hoping to hit something. I decided to seek another perspective, and for all that I don't like politically about living in Maryland, Johns Hopkins is a short drive away. I saw Dr. Carter at Hopkins earlier this month and had another blood test, which resulted in a PSA of 5.8 and fPSA of 17.4. It was decided that I'd have a MRI done, which showed a "suspicious area" after the scan. The next week I had a MRI-guided fusion biopsy with Dr. Carter, which I found out last week showed 2 of 14 cores positive, less than 5% involvement each, Gleason 3+3=6. The pathology report was reviewed by Dr. Epstein. The MRI also showed it was prostate confined. All DREs have been negative.

I have an appointment with the doc April 1 (figures!) to discuss treatment options. The doc assured me that in no way am I in a "life threatening" situation, that it's very treatable, and on a scale of 1-5 on the risk scale, I'm only a "1." At "only" 51.5 years old, I don't know what he'll suggest. I believe he also said that even in 10 years my situation isn't likely to change much. I guess I'm hoping he says I don't have to really do anything for the time being, other than monitoring. If I can make it a few more years, that gives me a bit more time to try for more "guilt sex" with the wife-LOL!

I have to say, turning 50 hasn't impressed me much thus far!








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I watched Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea every week while it was on back then too. Great show! Obviously I was a huge fan of the Adams Family as well. Always loved Uncle Fester. I do look somewhat like him as well......


...and some of my projects turn out a lot like his did. Embarassed

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Uh-oh, one of your comments hit home with me and while I was going thorugh the thread I knew it had to be part of my input:

"Of course, everyone feels differently about what treatment is best for him...."

I had Davinci RP in Feb 2010 in Pittsburgh. My uro had done a couple thousand prior to mine. I still have (what I believe to be) excessive stress incontinence and came back to the forum after a few years absence to do some research on stress incontinence and slings.

Anyways, back to your comment. Everyone makes their own decision based on their own research, gut feeling, family situation, etc. BUT - everyone OWNS there own decision and noone has the right , be it well meaning or otherwise, to criticize that decision. That being said, I have never seen a post on this forum that criticized someone's decision. This is a stake I have put in the sand, perhaps not needed, but it gives me a rallying point.

That being said, I have had periods where I question my decision myself, wondering if...why...etc. I'm (ridiculously) optiistic about everything in my life; love my family, where I live, love my job, etc. Getting PCA at 51 was a life changing event for sure. But frustrations do occur. 

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Your post is uplifting, and correct, in my judgement. I especially like your last paragraph. It describes how I feel as I approach my 89th birthday and the 24th anniversary of learning that I have prostate cancer.

Old-timer (Jerry)



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