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Saw stem cell doctor last Wednesday,it is a lot to take in, i was over whelmed and emotional when i left her office.

One thing came as a shock to me was my Oncologist failed to mention the results of the multiple biopsies i had, was that my cancer is now transitioning in large B cell or aggressive, it was a surreal meeting, i dont remember much after i was told the diagnosis was different, i decided not to do stem cell right now, i will continue chemo, i go for my 2nd round Wednesday, I am so tired, mentally, physically and spirirtually, i will still fight on, i just am not ready for stem cell, why go into all that "half assed" when im not mentally ready to tackle it head on. My Onc. said it was alright she understands why i dont want it now, and we can leave it as a last resort. My kids understand my decision also, they know i have been through hell. Will post more when i talk to my Onc about what changes will be made to my chemo.



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I just wish I had some magic words, you are getting hit from all sides.  At least you are venting, I know that we are all glad to be here for you but sad that we have to.

Hang on dear friend,


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I had Diffuse large b cell lyhphoma that was aggressive too. I did 11 rounds of chemo and eventually did the Stem Cell Transplant. That was almost three years ago now. I can totally understand what you mean by surreal. I can barely even remember the consultation. Small bits of memory still linger but other than that all fog. I would be happy to give you some insight and details of my journey through the transplant. I do think that you are making the right decision in regards to holding off until your mentally and emotionally ready to take on the potential battle. Please if ther is anything I can do, ask.


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Hi Chris,

I am praying for you.

Stay as strong as you can and know you are lifted up by many of us and we will always be here for you.


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