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Dad bone mets, need some advice please

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Hi everyone, 
 after ups And downs , this month PSA came at 4,5 it 's a jump from 1,69 in 3 months, he repeated ct scan and MRT that still showed the spot at the lower of the spine.
His oncologist decided that it's time to start the treatment which is :

chemo with docetaxel. 
Zometa for 12 months

Is there anything else that should be done?
Any advice please? 
Thank you
Dad diagnosed at the age of 57,2011 PSA 12 G 8(4+4) bone scan clear
05/2011:surg G8(5+4) pos margins T3cN0 Psa post surgery 0.56 raise to 1.69 after 3 months
zoladex for 18 months psa 0.0
05/2013 :orchiectomy 05/2013 psa 0.0
04/2014:psa 0,84 T 0,91 bone scan shows spot on the spine,bone mets
Start Casodex psa0,75 psa0,52 psa1,21 
01/2015:psa 1,69 
03/2015:psa 4,5


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