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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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my husband's scans were finalized at 5 pm; the radiologist faxed them to us. Since I got rid of my Fax, they were faxed to Kinko's (now FedEx) and this crazed wife drove to get them.

there is a definite met on the left 8th rib; this showed up on his bone scans in August and December but only began to hurt two weeks ago. It is now confirmed on the CT scan.

the other organs are "unremarkable", a beautiful word. There is a ton of radiology language around the two areas treated in 2013 which will have to be explained to us tomorrow.

so, it looks like we have a reprieve for now since the rib has shown up for 7 months; it is puzzling why areas need to hurt before getting treatment but for now, the stress of it being throughout his body is relieved. It looks, however, like kidney cancer is enjoying my husband's bones.

will let this settle in; thanks to all of you for your support and thoughts.


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So, if only in the rib, which was noted before - then these are the good news? Great then!

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Glad to hear other organs are unremarkable. Great word to hear. What will they do about the rib?

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Hi Sarah,

I am happy to hear that it hasn't spread elsewhere. I hope that they can take care of the pain that he is having.

Thinking about you.



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I like unremarkable

aspire to be unremarkable. Now you can breathe again.

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we spoke to the nurse in the onc's office who translated the confusing radiology jargon and it is just the rib.

the other areas remain unchanged and we have an appointment with radiation/oncologist next week.

hearing his disease described as "indolent" is such a relief!

we are probably going to hold off on the xgeva to give his calcium levels to increase since xgeva does affect calcium and kidney function. Our niece is involved in cancer researcher in San Diego so we asked her to find out more. The calcium and kidney function were the red flags for her and hopefully we can improve those working with the nephrologist.

again, thanks to all of you; it is such a help to be able to reach out here.


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Glad to hear the radiology report was positive .

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This sounds just great. Glad to hear it!

What are they going to do about the rib if anything?


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Glad to hear your husband's organs were unremarkable. I hope mine husband's are  too. 18 months scans coming up. I hope they can zap the rib and you get NED once more. 


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