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12 Folfox treatments and then surgery

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I joined this board back in May when I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon cancer. It was in the cecum, 2 lymph nodes, the small intestines, and a couple spots on my liver. I usually just read on here but I have a few questions. After the 12 treatments my Dr decided I was a candidate for surgery. I had surgery 5 weeks ago. I have had a hard time recovering. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. My small intestines wouldn't wake up after the surgery. I walked and walked the halls of the hospital. My biggest question is...is it normal to have constant diarreha still? I've asked my Dr and he said eat fiber and take Imodium. I drank a whole bottle of Imodium. It helped a few hours and then the diarreha came back almost worse. I'm eating fiber but so far it hasn't helped. Now they have me on probiotics. That doesn't seem to be helping at all. I almost hate to eat because I know it won't be long and I'll be running to the bathroom. Also I'm having really bad cramps. The Dr just told me it is normal. Has anyone else experienced any of this? If this is normal I'll learn to live with it, just wondering if anybody has any ideas as to what can help. Thank you.

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Sorry about your complications. Those who had diarrhea say the best food to eat is rise, bananas and toast. 

Wish you a speedy recovery.


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I actually sufffered from constipation during my chemo, it wasn't until the radiation that I had diarrhoea, and it was AWFUL. 

I have read posts from people here, who have suffered terribly from it, and I'm sure they will pop in and answer your questions. 

My friend, who also has CRC, is post treatment, but still has severe diarrhoea, so much so, she went back to her GI to see if anything could be done. He told her to increase her fiber and to continue with the Imodium. 

The only thing I can suggest, is to keep a food journal and see if certain foods make your problem worse, and if other foods make it better, that way you can work out what is good for you. 

Good luck! Its such a horrible thing to have to experience. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Have Dr prescribe LOMOTIL.  It is stronger than imodium.  I'm 4 years out from my surgery, and still have bouts of diarrhea.  I've learned to live with it-but i'm NED so cannot complaine.

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Bananas, white rice, applesauce and dry toast.

Add them carefully to see what sort of results you get.  Don't want to go the other direction with constipation.

You also might want to do smaller meals more times a day with these added.

Your issues are not unusual for intestional surgery.

Hope that you find something suggested by friends here that works.

Marie who loves kitties

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hi, I still have diarhea 4 years after surgery, mostly after eating dinner out in a restaurant between 1/2 hour and 2 hour after eating

I prefer to eat at home, just boiled chicken, lots of steamed vegetables, rice, applesauce, salmon , Turkey . I eat lots of yoghurt with cinnamon.

On that regime no problems. I'm 4 years NED now, so I'm not complaining.

it does interfere with social life, eating out still remains a problem.


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Thank you all so much. It really helps to know others have been through this. I'm starting a good journal this morning. I'll try introducing a few things at a time. Sometimes it seems better not to eat but I know I need to. The surgeon said I am tumor free but he said he is suggesting more chemo to take care of any cancer cells. I see my oncologist in a few weeks. Again....thank you.

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