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Need eGFR advice

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I was diagnosed with ccRCC last year and had a partial neph last May. The tumor was less than 2cm and the surgeon told me that he only took about 10 percent of the kidney when he removed the tumor. I just got back the results of some bloodwork I had done and my eGFR went down sustantatially from prior tests (I get regular annual blood work down as part of a wellness program at work). My current eGFR of 77 is still considered normal because it's above 60 but the drop is concerning. Prior readings were 94 in 2014 (just before surgery), 95 in 2013, and 84 in 2012. It may be obvious, but does removing part of your kidney automatically reduce kidney function even if only a small part was removed?  Is the drop in function an issue?  I'll have follow scans in a few months and will ask my doctor the same questions but I was curious what you guys thought. 

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Estimate Glomurealar (sp) Filtration Rate is based on age (older you get, the lower is gets), function of the kidney, amount of/number of kidney, weight, damage done by high blood pressure-which goes up with kidney cancer, and other factors.

At age 64, when I had an entire kidney was removed, mine dropped from ??? probably about 60-to 31-31 eGFR.  Over the past 8+ years it has steadily climbed as the other kidney took on the work.  At almost age 71, my eGFR has stabilized at 41-42; and is considered excellent for my medical history.

You had invasive surgery on one kidney and it is probably taking a rest as it recovers.  I'm sure your doctor will tell you there is nothing to worry about.


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Your GFR numbers are great. Do you want to trade?



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Thanks for the info Donna and Iceman.

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high 30s for me for the last 18 months. Both the urologist and oncologist are not overly concerned. But being stage 4 I have other things to worry about

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