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Surgery #19 - "Here at Last!"

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Ok, we made it the surgeon consult.....

I've got an unusual tale on what has transpired in the last 48 hours, so please be seated and let's talk about this one...as the Beatkes said, it was a magical mystery tour:)

First, I was too ill to barely get from the bathroom and back into with gripping pain, so I said we will see if I can go.  I had this strange feeling if I did not make this appointment I was going to be a dead man in thirty days or less....it was a have to deal...I'm sure of that night and I'll try and explain.

We took all the meds and patches for the trip to get that done and I asked my wife help me with things I needed help with and it went too...she followed what I wanted and affection and love...she truly has become a caregiver now...wonderful to see.

Then I was able to go to restroom and get through those trials and had success there as well...and that went well.

We prayed for the strength and e did make it...so there's that one too.

It gets better...

I was supposed to get early check in to rest my back...needless to say there was a problem...so I just casually walks past her and went to the nurses station and you want to know what?

That's right....in 69 seconds I had a room with a bed to lay Down, lol

It appears I can still hit a few winners down the line - even on my last dime:)

After a really shirt wait time, the door opened and in comes the surgon and not the nurse going over vitals and paperwork to spend your time.

Then he says his schedule had some room to do the surgery!


Ok, this just not just by accident folks...just don't believe it.

I believe that we were riding on the wings of angels sent to get me there.  And I believe something happened to get the surgery so quickly and cleanly. 

I believe that a couple of our prayers finally worked on this level.  God is listening right now and perhaps the collective voice of the forum voices and with others unknown that something is in play right now.

Also there is a drug that is needed to make the trip and hispice had been debying it to me.

When the nurse came today, I told her the above story...I told her to be fair they could only rx a few  of them to get to the surgery .

I told her I did not want to get one pill legally subscribed and a hospice getup.

And they finally agreed....so that door opened as well.

im gonna' get serious now for this part of the story...

The other night I wrote about dying because I felt my body shutting down and I finally became scared at how would come to me and I didnt think it was going to end like this.  My mind was all over the map and I was exploring my thoughts and feelings...just got real so fast.  

My thoughts shifting from wanting to let or try and live....it the thiught of trying but the body not cooperating anymore...the scariest of the three options.

I felt that night I was knocking on Death's Door - and I never use that term flippantly.  I'm being real about what I thought was going on.

My appetite returned and I ate about 5 varieties of foods...day before  all this no way I was eating I was water only laying in my deathbed.  Going to have cheese broccoli soup from Jasons deli tonight...maybe a coke float tonight too:)

After the appt.  I remember saying I was ready to shop, lol...day before?  You already know...

So what a turnaround in less than 48 hours, huh?

Think I'm going to call it a modern miracle that you and I are clearly watching on The Sundance Channel right now:)

It was Ripley who said, "Believe It - or Not."

Decide for yourself...

I'm gonna' win this one now folks...I know that now and carry that conviction wit me as I fight for just a chance to resuming my cancer fight.

We're all gonna' be ok:)

Now, will this be the big comeback story of the year?

Stay tuned to The Sundance Channel - "Story Matters Here"

Its been nice talking to you all...thanks for listening:)

With all my love,



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Wow!  What a nice long post from you!  Going to take me a while to process it all, (just getting my first cup of coffee of the day) but I am so happy that things are falling into place! 

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What an awesome story Craig. It felt like the old days reading your post. The Lion is BACK!!!!! I agree that this is a modern miracle. I am unclear as to when you are having the surgery though. Please keep posting.

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wll be Friday...

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I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that the surgery is a sucess and you finally find some real pain relief.

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I know how hard all this was on you, and as always you come thru like a real warrior!

As an old dear friend used to say...Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.  You have it in spades.

Grateful for whatever has brought about this turn of events...be it a miracle, the alignment of the stars or the sun burst, whatever.

Keep getting those calories in and building up your strenght.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Grace is an amazing thing.

"You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done...you are fierce with reality.”

- Florida Scott-Maxwell, The Measure of My Days



Ride on, my dear friend,




Love, Leslie


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that story is really one worthy of a lion (no idea how to say what I hink in english...)

Go on :-)



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sending strong love. So pleased for you. Amazing what the power of collective love and healing energy can do. 

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and you sound like your old self, which is awfully nice!  Let us know how it goes on Friday.  You will be in all our thoughts.

Lots of hugs coming your way~AA

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but I felt so strongly 2 days ago i needed to check and see how everyone was doing and I saw you post, "am I dying". you were so heavy on my heart and I shared with my husband and we have been praying non stop. I know He is with you and I want u to know that u have touched my heart these last few years and have given me hope. You hang in there and your wife too. I don't know you but I can tell you we love you and will continue our prayers. Go enjoy that soup, my favorite and the float another favorite of mine. Giant hugs from the decamp family!

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This is an awesome post and I'm glad that surgery is forthcoming.  Praying that surgery is successful and you will be giving a great success story this coming weekend.  That is a fast surgery and glad that you have a doctor so dedicated to his patients.


Fight for my love
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I have been praying that your pain will be under control and you will start eating food. OMG, my prayers got answered. I am so happy to see this miracle. Now I truly believe you are going to make it and resume cancer fight. I am going to continue to pray for you. Pray a succesful surgery and quick recovery.

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The prayers of many on this board have been answered!  Thank you, Lord.


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yep...we were finally heard...I'm so grateful and feel finally bllessed...

prayeer answeree, I think, was the message I was supposed to learn from this....it was there all the time.

have not figured it all out but from real death irdeal to finally eating and want to live and getting the surgery itself so quick....it's clear to me and you and others that something is really happening here that is not normal....I was gone....and it all changed.

im so happy and wanting to eat....it's so wonderful again:)

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im so excited I can barely stand it....hust hopeful and feel very confident about a great many things.

im actually going to make it now...

its as close to new life as you get......i consider it that plus it's been a new re-awakening filling me back up.

been such a ride this is close as I can describe things.

So we're  t-minus and counting....all functions go:)

bodily and digestive working much better sinice I started to eat and I'm not as scared of the cycle....peeing much better today and stool movement...sorry that front page new here at home, lol lol lol.

i rest when my body says....the steroid and my new life has me jacked so high it takes to just roll with.

been in mood to talk and jabber so I've tslked to everyone....I even impresses the hospice nurses ou tonight to change my pain bag....it ended up with a deep moment or two....very nice.

anyway I'm glad you bring you all this good news...

evev I will watch with you to see what will happen next....it's long out of my hands now just keep doing my part.....

This is just so wonderful!


these things just don't happen all too often...


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Your cheering squad is there for you in any way we can be!


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Wonderful news!!! Wishing you all the best, and please keep us posted.




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You are never far from  my thoughts.  This is very good news.  Wishing you nothing but the very best as you enter this next phase.   Keep strong.  Keep the faith.  Never give up.

Love and Hugs - Tina

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Amazing story and great news.  Will be thinking about you Friday and I am sure it will go well.  

You are going to win this one now and look forward to your first post after this step is done.


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Now my tears of fear get to turn into tears of of joy.  I'm so happy to hear you got to your appt., that you are eating, and that surgery is on.  Doing Happy Dance.

Sending my love and hugs as always,

Winter Marie

Hear the Roar! The Lion is back 

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alll systems ready to go tomorrow afternoon...12:30p

still feeling great about sll of il!

overnight stay after surgery Friday and hopefully come home on saturday afternoon or earlym evening.

time to get it done...

btw food has tasted so good....after close to 2 years of not eating...to be able too all of a sudden...wow 

see ee you guys and thanks for your support:)

- Craig

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Good luck...hope all goes well and we hear from you real soon!

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Good luck dear, we'll all be eargerly waiting to hear from you after surgery. 

Hugs (())


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I'll be thinking of you today, hoping the surgery will ease some of your pain.  Keep enjoying that food, what a blessing!


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Been so worried about you and checking in here every day.  It's wonderful to hear you sounding more like the lion I know and love.  I do believe in miracles and the power of prayer.  So glad so of that headed over your way.  May this surgery get you up and about again so you can get the help you need for your cancer.  still prayin' for you.  Traci

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I know it the surgery is coming up shortly, just letting you know thoughts are with you.  

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ready to do this thing!

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May today's operaation solve all your problems!  I wish you noithing but the best!!!

Fight for my love
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Best luck of everything! We will be waiting here for your update.

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I am beyond happy to hear this miraculous turnaround!

To FINALLY be the recipient of this miracle of answered prayer is enormous.

I am so happy for you Craig..you deserve this AND MORE



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Happy to be part of the collective forum vibe that brought the miracle! Good luck with that surgery and drink all the coke floats you want!!!!!!


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