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New member, diagnosed today with squamous cell carcinoma, upper lip

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Hello, I had a large squamous cell carcinoma excised from my lower leg in October 2014. I saw my Dermatologist again last week regarding some suspicious lesions/spots. Two biopsies were taken, and two other lesions were frozen. I received the biopsy results today and the lesion on my lip is squamous cancer which will be removed via Mohs surgery. The spot on my hand is squamous in-situ and will be frozen. 

I would really aappreciate information regarding Mohs surgery on the lip....I'm a little nervous about this. Also, is squamous cancer going to be an on-going thing? 


Thank you!

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My husband and I have both had Moh's surgery for SCC.  It will be a long day, take a book to read, there is a lot of waiting for pathology.  You will have the skin shaved, layer by layer.  The skin is sent to pathology to see if the area is clear of cancer..  You will be in a waiting room with other patients while tissue is in pathology.  If you are lucky like my husband, one slice, wait and it was clean so skin flap graft and he was done.  I had to go for 2 more shaves, then stitched up.  Some doctors do everything in one day others do the plastic surgery part the next day.  Irish is in your name, fair skin is probably also.  You will need to see the derm doctor twice a year.  Make sure that you are seeing someone thorough.  My local doctor says what is your concern.  I go to another derm. now that checks entire body with magnifyer and takes biopsies, not just freeze skin.  Good luck to you.  Use SPF and a wide brimmed hat when outside.  Unfortunately, damage was done years ago.

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