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CT Scan Showed Changes

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Yesterday I went through CT Scan, CXR and cystoscopy.  The CXR and cystoscopy looked fine, the CT scan, however, showed a lesion on my right kidney.  This is the kidney that had the tumor 3 years ago in which the tumor plus 1/3 of the kidney was removed because of tumor location.  Looking at the CT scan the right kidney looked much larger than the left kidney. 

Because I am now going to a new facility, the doctor wants to get the actual images from my last provider before making any conclusion.  He stated that these "changes" could be from the surgery itself.  I am not believing this since it's been three years since the surgery and what drove me back to get my testing done is the pain, the same pain I experienced three years ago (and actually it's worse) prior to finding the tumor.  Also, I now have blood in my urine which I have never had before. 

I know doctors don't want to alarm their patients, but all of you know that when you have gone through this once before, you are way more educated than someone going through it for the first time.  Now I have to wait six weeks to go back so that they will have the images from my prior scans to compare against.  Meanwhile, I wait and deal with the pain. I know pain is not the usual symptom of kideny cancer, and if this lesion turns out to be another cancer I will be grateful that I had the warning again unlike so many others who did not know until it was (or almost was) too late. 

In the meantime I will try to remain positive and not worry knowing that God is in control.



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I have seen in the past where lesions turn out to be harmless. Hopefully that is your case. It is however way, way above my paygrade to weigh in further on your diagnosis.

Hopefully nothing.




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PLease try to stay positive. It could be scar tissue, or smth similar. The doctor haven't even called it a tumor yet, right?

6 weeks is unpleasantly long wait, hang in here for support. Recurrence for Stage 1b is not a very probable thing at all.

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Well, whatever it is, it is causing you pain. I hope that it is just something simple but I don't understand why it would take 6 weeks, in today's technology, for them to get your former records?

I hope you feel better soon - keep us posted!



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Hoping it is not too serious and praying. Is it possible for you to go pick up your prior images (should only take a few hours to fill out the request and have a cd burned) and then hand deliver the images to your new doctor?  This could significantly decrease the 6 week estimate.  I request the images and written report every time I have a scan and i am able to pick it up by that afternoon.  It allows me to share with other doctors upon need if necessary.   I recommend this process in the future if you have scanxiety as most of us experience, it helps me mentally.   Keep the positive thoughts including God, it is what keeps me moving forward also.

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Thank you everyone for your support.  I don't think I will wiait the six weeks but will keep checking to see if the images have arrived and then will make another appointment.  Unfortunately, I wish I had taken the images with me when I moved from NH to Iowa.  I certainly will get them the next time I go back east.

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