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Alergic reaction Oxaliplatin help (for the moment only in 6º cycle)

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Hi, mom took 6 doses CAPOX Avastin (Oxaliplatin at 100mg/kg), and today, the day of the 6º cycle, (unlike the other five times) had what chemocare site describes as:


"Allergic reaction: a rare side effect, however, call for help immediately if you suddenly have difficulty breathing, your throat feels like it is closing, or chest pain."


before this cycle, it was only some annoying cough, today is what is described above


called the onc doctor and gave a pill that got much better, the cough stopped, and breath is ok, but she's worried as she's sensitive, all happened in recent hours, what can we expect, any ideas if it would continue on future cycles or can be circumstantial to this cycle, thanks!

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I am not a Dr, but when I was on Oxa, I had 12 sessions and then one day when they began to infuse me I go hot and had trouble breathing. They stopped the infusion, gave me Benedryl and then started me back up about 30 minutes later. I had 4 more sessions and didn't have a problem after that. Hopefully this will be the case with your mom. Make sure when she has her next infusion you remind them she had a reaction. They may want to give her something in advance to be sure it doesn't happen again. 

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MAliceR: very helpful, thanks, hope it's like you said, and other members can tell their experiences too

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Hi Javier:


I have had 17 rounds of Folfox (avastin, oxaliplatin and 5FU) I think it was at round 12 I got a allergic reaction dificulty breathing and the plams of my hands got read and swollen, the nurses took immediate action, gave Benadryl and stopped the drip. Met with my oncologist and she gave me a prep for before chemo, so now........ I start taking Desamethasone the day before and the day of chemo, they also give me other allergy medication through the IV, the other thing they did is that instead of taking 2 hours to drip the oxaliplatin they give to me in 4 hours, so at the end of the day my insfusion use to be about 4 hours total, now it si more like 7 hours plus the 46 hours of the 5 FU pump Sealed.So far I have not had another allergic reaction. Lets keep our fingers crossed that they find a way around for your mom. I have my 18th. chemo today lets keep our fingers crossed that it works for me too.

When this was happening I had a second opinion consultation at Sloan Kattering,  they agreed that if we could get around the allergy oxi was the best way to go, but also it is very importanto to know how does your mom feel about the whole thing because she will be the one to know better than anybody what is going on inside her

All the best,


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hope the 18 chemo went well for you


were the Sloan Kattering in agrement with giving the Oxali in four hours?


Mom now is taking Benadryl before going to bed every night, because it also stops cough due to gastroesophageal reflux, at least she stopped cough of any kind with it, works so well for her


question for all: does the body to daily Benadryl? she plans to use it at least the first week and a half after infusion, and doing in the following infusions the same

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I had a bad reaction a couple of times and they started my infusion with some IV Benadryl that did the trick.  Added benefit, I slept through the whole infusion.  Hope this helps and no more problems.  Traci

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