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First 6-month Follow-up <<<NED>>>

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Hi, all,

Just got back with my first follow-up with Dr. Lallas at Jefferson.  It was a nice visit; he said everything looked great, no evidence of disease whatsoever and continued to spout that my chances of recurrence were "around 2%."  Can't say anything bad about a visit like that.  The plan is ultrasound, chest X-ray and blood work every 6 months for 2 years, then yearly after that.  That's what the guidelines are for treatment so I'm pretty happy with that.  

Wish I was in better shape to celebrate (recovering from open gallbladder surgery) but there will be plenty of time to do that later.  Feeling good right now.  

- Jay

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Just in time for a little green beer.



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Not with these wonderful little percocets they have me on...

However a friend got me a sriracha hot sauce STOUT that I will try after I'm well off the painkillers...

Meanwhile go to YouTube and look up "Philly Brew Reviews," (especially the more recent episodes 70 and after) you will see I am no stranger to trying some awesome beers!


- Jay

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"and many more!"

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Forgot to mention: I did ask Dr. Lallas about the NSAIDs and he said that it's OK to take an aleve or motrin occasionally, but it's really long term, regular use of several pills a day for weeks or months that they caution against.  And, obviously, if you have pain for that long you should probably be seeing your doctor anyway.

- Jay 

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Yay, Jay!!!!

Great news. We are needing some good news around here these days.

Hope you are feeling great!



butterfly wings
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Super news.  Ned is now my new favourite word

couldn't have a better visit than that.


I had my gallbladder removed with my kidney.  I had been feeling great and tried some of my husband's buffalo wings.  Not a good idea!!

butterfly wings
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I mentioned to my consultant before I left hospital and he said the same as yours.  He said his only advice is lots of water and no lifting (I have young kids)

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thats the kind of stuff we like to hear. There will be plenty of time to catch up meeting your beer quota. I'm right behind you.

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You have no idea how glad we all are that you're back on here commenting and joking around again. You deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor. they give that to those who have saved lives. I believe that the power of the support on this forum saves lives. And no one in the kidney cancer forum has saved more than you my friend. I've seen first hand what a brain can do when its left to its own devices... Keep on keeping on and we'll be raising the pint glass soon. 

- Jay

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Ned is what we like to hear! And I'd take a percocet over a beer any day (beer is bleah to me, hehe) 


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This is so cool! Congratulations!!! 

Wil uou have any CT scans or just ultrasounds?

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This is great news. I'll raise a glass in your direction. Slante!

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Great news, and hope you recover soon enough to have a beer or two.

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Jason, I love NED news, congrats, enjoy your time, may you have always good news to share, Forough

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Holy Moly, way to go, D---that's great, and NED!!!!


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Jay...so happy to hear your good news!!! Wishing you many more NED years to come!!!

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Wonderful news! So happy for you.

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So sorry you are going thru that surgery ,get well 


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