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Had radical nephrectomy but having issues of pain and feel fluid burst in abdomen

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I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with clear-cell renal carcinoma. My tumor was found accidentally. I had my gallbladder out the year before and was still having issues with that area .my doctor did a scan to see if there was Stones in the duct . Having a MRI found a mass on the left kidney 8.5cm stage III. They schedule surgery and my left kidney was removed November 25. It was so large that it was an open surgery with a rib removed. My colon was kinked up and everything pushed into my chest. I was having difficulty breathing at night. It's now almost 3 1/2 months and still having a lot of pain on the left side in my abdomen and in my back where the left kidney use to be .my abdomen is very large on the left side pushing my navel over to the right. It feels like fluid running and twice a pop or burst of fluid was felt to the point where I check my shirt and skin for witness. Then the muscle tightens up real tight. I have been very dehydrated. I drink tons of water ,so I can't understand what's happening. I have had one CT scan of my lung sense surgery, which was yesterday I don't know the results. This was done because they found nodule in my lung . I'm scared because even though they said the cancer was contained the cancer was down in the renal vein. so i'm very afraid that it has gone into my blood supply and just hasn't come out yet. I see my surgeon on the 17th and I guess he will be ordering a scan of my kidney for April I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone who has /been experienced any of this thank you

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Hi Bonzy.  Have you told your surgeon about the feelings you are experiencing?

I had a full nephrectomy of my right kidney on December 8th.  Luckily, I was able to have it done laparoscopically due to the skill of my two surgeons.  It ended up being a 12.5 cm tumor.  I had many issues afterwards - my incision became infected and I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my abdomen.  I have had multiple abdominal surgeries, so, I had to have adhesion lysis done before they could even attempt to reach the kidney.  My after surgery pain turned out to be adhesions.  It felt like my intestines were bloated and that every time I moved there was an intense "pulling" pain.  I also experienced the feeling of muscles tightening.  Unfortunately, adhesions will not show up on a CT scan or x-ray. 

I am due for my 3 month follow up scans next Friday and I know your apprehension.  Sending you lots of prayers and hugs.  I hope they are able to determine what is causing your pain.



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thank you Bella for your input. This is all new to me like so many others on this site.it's comforting to five people are going to the same thing because a lot of people around me you're not understanding.I thank you for your prayers and hugs .good luck on your appointment Friday, prayers and hugs back at you

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I am having similar experience. Had an open radical on 12/2/2014 to remove my left kidney and a 12 cm tumor...also clear cell renal carcenoma. My left side of the abdomen still seems swollen and painful and the right side seems smaller so I am kind of lopsided. I have been reading a lot on here and think it is just part of the healing process from such a major surgery. I will see the doc this month and ask though.

Praying for you and trusting that all is well.



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Mine was a partial and it's just a few days short of a year but would you believe I still have some swelling around the incision? I was puffy and swollen for quite some time but slowly it started going down. Now it's almost unnoticable unless I point it out. What you do need to check on is the fluid popping feeling where you even check to see if you're wet. Discuss that with your doctor and see what it could be. I did have a good size hematoma after surgery so that's a possibility. As for the lung nodules, hoping that's exactly what they are; just nodules, which are not uncommon. But fortunately you're on top of that with the CT so that's good. Wishing you the best results!

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 APny  I also thought that it could be a hematoma . Well I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow . It's been 31/2 months Since I've had my surgery and the gosh of fluid has happened four times now.after the garage happened the muscle in my abdomen tightens up and I get a pinching feeling to the whole area into my hip.i'm very anxious to find out what this could be.

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Good luck with your appointment today, and please let us know what the surgeon says.

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thank you shamal  ! I had my Ct scan but haven't heard anything . And now I have my 3months check up with surgeon tomorrow , hopefully he will have the results from the CT scan. The swollen on my side where the incision was made seems to be getting worse with pinching sensation.so I'm pretty anxious to see him.hope all is going well with you ! 

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I had a 12cm tumor removed in March 2014.  I had three small nodules in the lung so it was classified Stage IV.  I experienced some of the problems you are having for a very short period of time but within a few months they all subsided and now I foget I even had surgery.  I am a lawyer and work 10 to 12 hour days while taking Sutent. My nodules are stable and have even reduced in size. The biggest problem I have is that every time a get an ache or pain I wonder if it is the cancer spreading.  We have to realize that alot of the "stuff" we feel is from everyday body events and that after a major surgery your body is simply taking time to adjust.  Good luck on future scans.  I've had so many that they have become a part of life.

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Unfortunately I can't really speak from personal experience, but I do have a story... When I was just in the hospital last week there was a young guy in the bed next to me who sounds like he had a very similar issue to yours... 

He'd had surgery (partial neph) on a tumor that turned out to be benign but was back in less than a month later with terrible pressure and pain from a hematoma.  In the end the doctors decided to just let it be because his blood levels had stabilized... Internal bleeding is no joke but it does sound like you're having some issues post surgery that need to be addressed... No one should be in pain for months at a time.

Regarding the cancer: do you have a plan for long term care from your doctors?  What is the next step now that the tumor is out?  If are stage 3, I would bet that the docs want to scan, scan, scan to make sure there's nothing else going on.  If not, focus on your recovery and try to take it one step at a time.

- Jay

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Was diagnosed in May of 2014 with a message left on my voivemail, yes you heard that correct, the doctor left me a message, I'm sorry to tell you that we have diagnosed you with Renal Cell Carcinoma of the left Kidney aka Kidney Cancer, had my robotic radical neohrectomy of my left Kidney July, 15 2014 and the typical surgery turned in 8 hours, and 3-4 days hospital turned in to 7-9  days in ICU at USC KecK School of Medicine, and then another 8 days in the ER due being Septic and internal bleeding from the main renal valve, which a tube was put in my back to drain the blood mass for another 2 weeks.

My diagnosis was found by accident also, I had a pain in the rear right side of my back of and on and just decided to get it checked out, ultra sound later nothing found on right side, but the left side they saw something, but wasnt concusive. They decided to do a full Radial CT Scan with contrast, which they found the mass in my left kidney, not the right side were I was having the actual pain, but the left side. I was in deniel for a while before I really beleived the doctors, espeically growing up with a family weary of doctors and government. 

I fought with the doctors for a few weeks to redo the Scans, and double check again and even second guessed the first diagnosis and got a second opinion from another specialist at USC, then is when it really sunk in and hit me hard, being a 45yr old man, no history of any diseases, healthy eater, no family history of any type of cancer. 

Almost 9 mths later I almost feel close to back to my old self, the strange thing about the whole process as "I had No Symtoms At All". I still have that stupid pain wasn't really anything serious since Im a avid exerciser and love long walks. I still put Rosehip oil on my scars to make them go partially away, I sometimes still wear a stomach belt for extra support while exercising. My health and lastest scans are good, bloodwork has been clear for me so far, I'm just thankful it hasnt come back. 

I sorry your having to go through all that and it wasn't isolated to one area. I pray for a good diagnosis for you and that all goes well. It is scary,have good support with you at the hospital, and your doctor visits. 

Others here have helped me in trying to help with any questions, which everyone here was very helpful and supportive. 


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