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On Feb 16 2015 I had a partial nephrectomy. It started as a robotic assist laparoscopic but turned into an open partial nephrectomy. My question is -Is lower abdominal numbness normal on the side of the surgery. I was cut at waist line from bellybutton to right hip. If this is normal how long could it last?

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Hope you are feeling much better and getting out walking a lot...but depending on where you live...watch the ice!

I had my open partial last March and not sure I'd call it numb, but it feels "funky" on the side of the surgery.  The tissue and skin around the scar is numb however. 

Think of how many nerves and such they had tp cut to get to the kidney.  These don't grow back (I don't think), so numbness is normal.  And if it is anything like the scar on my leg, the numbness arond the surgery site is still there...nearly 40 years later.

But as alway, if in doubt ask your doctor!

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Yes, numbness is normal.  I had my operation July 2014.  Numbness around the incision lasted for several months.  Even months later, if I press up against a desk or table when I am working or eating, I feel a little numbness, but no pain.  From time to time, my incision feels itchy, but this is rare, and I usually ignore it and it goes away.  Like the other poster said, the incision cut through a lot of nerves and nerve endings, and it will take a while to heal.

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Hi as others have said numbness is normal, I had an open nephrectomy in May 2014 and I remember asking my gp about the numbness, he said that it may never fully recover as a lot of nerves were cut through, I stil have numbness now and as others said scar also itches now and again but when you scratch it you can never get the itchy spot (wierd I know but odd feeling). 

Take care x

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6123 rah,


From reading your bio that tussle with the preschooler resulted in early detection of the little buggar and may have saved your life. As for the numbness it is like a secret handshake to get into our club.



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I am almost exactly one year out, and my numberness is still not 100% gone.

Feeling will gradually come back a little at a time. 


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I was numb for two years...now the nerves are healing, and instead it burns.  They wnt to give me either gapabentum or lyrica, but that makes me stupid.  So I put on lidocane patches to revert to numbness.

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Hi.  I had keyhole surgery nearly 3 weeks ago.  I'm numb on the hip bone on the side I had removed.  I was coming on to ask was this normal ....as in its the bone that's sore.

My incisions are clearing up well with no pain but I do have the numbness just under the main incision.  I guess this is where my muscles/nerves were cut.  I also had my gallbladder removed too. 

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