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Duke N.C anyone been treated for colon cancer?

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I was looking for anyone that was treated @ Duke Colon Cancer Center and what did you thing of the care? we are going to start chemo there soon

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I am a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering so have no experience with Duke. I did a quick search of the forums and found a recent post from a Duke patient.  Perhaps you can try sending him a private message as some people don't visit the forum pages regularly to notice new threads.

Here is that post:



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i was treated at duke for my stage 4 rectal cancer diagnosed in fall of 2009.  I have been NED for 5 years.  While I have no basis for comparison, I had excellent experience at Duke.  Is there something specific I can answer for you?  I will try to help if I can.


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Hello I wanted to say thank you for your 25th post. my wife has colon cancer stage 4 with liver mets. I am trying to learn all I can to help her get threw this . I pray Duke will be the place to help her. I am happy to hear your doing well! live every a moment to the fulliest. I have a saying you can get busy living are get busy dyeing I think you have to make a choice. I think you will have a long life ahead thanks for sharing .      

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