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PSA rising 6.2 points in one month

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Hey folks I'm new to the forum, I'm 65 diagnosed with Prostate cancer 3 years ago, Gleason score of 8, I've had 43 IMRT treatments, PSA decreased to 0.18, at end of treatment, then began to rise, 3 month intervals 1.6, 2.4, 8.80 and now in one month has gone from 8.80 to 15.0 I've just had a second bone scan and MRI both of which are negative, the Radiologist said the prostate looked much better now than pre treatment scans, has anyone seen this before, my urologist says no one knows how to proceed at this point and has referred me to an Oncologist, if you have seen anything like this before I sure would like to hear from you.



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Hello Josh,

I'm surprised the urologist would say that. Based on the numbers you are presenting it seems you should have started HDT (Hormone deprevation treatment)  when you recieved you first or second post IMRT PSA. Could you give us more data such as your initial PSA reading and the results of your biopsy. Gleason 8,9 and 10 are considered to be of the more aggresive types of cancer but without more info on your case it is difficult to assess. Perhaps you could start at the initial diagnosis and go from there with what tests were done and results. Remember that as you go along and educate yourself on this desease you can take control and make decisions on your treatment. This is all about education and courage and everyone here will help you.



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From what you described, it appears that the IMRT treatments did not eradicate all cancer foci. It seems to me that immediate action is required. This could well involve Hormone Therapy.

I will be interested to see what the oncologist prescribes. I imagine (as a non-medical person) that further irradiations are out of the question.

Please accept my wishes for a good outcome.

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Welcome to the board. We are not doctors but survivors so that we opinion with basis on experiences acquired during our “fight” or by researching. You need to get a second opinion from a PCa specialist (preferable from a medical oncologist).

I would like to know more about your initial diagnosis and treatment protocol. I wonder if you had any hormonal therapy to control BPH or cancer, or if you had Seminal vesicles involvement. The present negative image studies are confusing any judgement and by the opinion of your radiologist “…prostate looked much better now than pre treatment scans…” I take it as a localised affair or micrometastases.

At first impression the constant increases indicate recurrence but some patients with the prostate gland in place may experience “bounce PSA” (long term increases followed by a decrease until a plateau) which phenomenon can last two to three years. You should Google the term to read details.

Typically in IMRT outcomes, three constant increases from a nadir represent biochemical failure and doctors, depending on the initial patient status, may chose to diagnose the situation as recurrence.
In such a case one follows with a sequential palliative therapy to try controlling the advancement of the disease. Most people chose hormonal treatments due to side effects. Chemo therapy or even a combo of chemo plus hormonal are suggested to aggressive cases. You need firstly to find out in which stance is you case at the moment. Bounce or Recurrence?

I recommend you to do some researches and prepare a list of questions before your next meeting with the physician. Palliative treatments can start anytime. Mean while educate yourself. A good book to understand details about hormonal therapy is;
“Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy & Diet” by Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers.

UCSF got a publication on Nutrition & Prostate Cancer, which copy I highly recommend you to get;

Here are ideas for your list of questions;


Best wishes in your continuing journey.


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that the PSA test should be repeated. There are several raisons for temporary spikes.

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It's only now, at a young 76 that I discover the fact that a healthy pH is 7.4 and blame the "business doctors & pharmafias" for they never ever tested or informed me about it!!  When I see my doctor, he merely tests my blood pressure and speaks some 3 words, as not to waste his precious time. I truly lost faith in doctors! 

Now my blood test showed a PSA of 6.2 and my biopsy resulted in prostate cancer. The CAT-scan failed to show if it spread so, I now uffered a radioactive bone test and a $500 PET test (i.e. DOG test missing?). All test results confirmed that my proatate cancer did not spread onto other parts of my body. Also, I have none-of the typical symptoms, for I pee like a young lad, without pain or blood, can hold 1 liter of water for lengthy of time (like before my cancer diagnosis) etc. I also enjoy regular sex with my Venus 2000 (DIY), because my philosophy always was "use it or lose it!"  

I'm not going to accept any of their 3 treatment options: that of Chemo-Th., Radiation or removal of prostate. - Instead I'll start the Bicarbonate of Soda cure:

1) First I'll rise my pH for several days until I reach pH 9 by taking the best type of Bicarb (Bob's Red Mill) 1 Teasp. of Bicarb in the morning + evening in 1 liter distilled water...until I reach pH 9.

2)...then the same as in 1), yet with 1 big spoon honey followed by 1 Hr rest. I also then monitor my pH level (2nd streem in the morning) to maintain my pH for several weeks at 9, using cheap Chinese pH test papers from AliExpress or eBay.

During this time I refrain from eating any acidic food, such as animal meats or milk products and mainly eat Veggies & ripe fruits. During all these X-rays I protected myself with Bicarb and also bought some Glucan to strengthen my immune system as well as bought some MilkThystle tea to detox/ flush my kidneys and liver. Anything else I should do?

Having acknoledged Dr. Warburg's (1931) statement, that alkalinesation of our body is the key to good health, I truly believe to be on the right track. Please feel free to criticize or complement my protocol.

Saludos cordiales, Joh

I used to be (and I guess...still am) a whistler musician: ( jdrinda.tripod.com )

To help you sooth your cancer misery... here are some better recordings of my emotionally creative whistling to good music:









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