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AS or RP part 2

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Met with Dr Leonard Marks at UCLA today. He was able to alleviate most of my fears regarding my cancer diagnosis. He believes that my 3+3 = 6 gleason is low risk and that even for my age he would recommend AS.  He cited a study by a doctor in Detroit that autopsied people who passed away and found that many men young and old had evidence of prostate cancer.  I asked a lot of questions concerning the AS protocol and also discussed RP, IMRT and focal laser ablation. I have an appt in early June to have a confirmatory biopsy using an MP MRI.  I'm happy with my decision to wait so that I can continue to gather info for all treatments.



Jan 2013 - 2.76

Mar 2014 - 3.12

May 2014 - 3.4

Jul 2014 - 3.5

1/30/2015- 3.46

Color Doppler Biopsy 2/12/15 - 12 cores.  1 core Gleason 3+3 <10



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Great decision to pursue AS, and  research; that's what I have been doing for the last six years . I start my seventh this month.

Read books, internet, attend local support groups( let us know how the support group that you will attend works out). Although I haven't gone, there is a support group in west la called "the wellness community" There are two meetings a month for prostate cancer survivors, one is for gays and the other for straights.I've been told that at the gay group there is more knowledge.  It's on Bundy and Olympic.....if you decide to atend let me know what you think of the group(s).


Keep on posting here; it will be beneficial  to you.




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After speaking with Dr Marks I felt comfortable with progressing with the MP MRI instead of moving forward with RP on 4/15 at USC.  Not looking forward to another biopsy but this procedure should be able to target areas of suspicion in order to refine the results.  Need to ask him when I see him again about the Ocotype test.

Thanks for your support.

hopeful and opt...
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Depending on the results of your next biopsy, six months from now, you may or may not wish to consider the genomic health oncotype DX test.  The test will be based on the results of that biopsy, if  any cores are found to be positive....it may be that no cancer will be found

The alternative to another biopsy is drastic......so you have to live with a biopsy

Targeting areas of suspicion, then an Artemis three dimensional biopsy is a  state of the art biopsy.

Bob, now is the time to have a celebration.......time for a glass or two  of a fine CA. wine



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I am glad for the news. Your decision is good. You have time to educate deeply about PCa matters and can do an intervention later based on detailed evidence if such ever becomes necessary.

I join the glass of red.


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