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Should I remove my quickly mutating skin spot with black salve before it gets worse?

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It's my very 1st post here. I believe I am displaying symptoms of melanoma.


The spot is on my left side, at the mid-rib cage height. Because I am underweight, the skin in this area is very thin, much like the skin around the wrist. 5 weeks ago, it was just a large freckle, with a smooth surface--nothing unusual. Now, it's a scab-textured surface, one side is darker than the other, and it itches worse than anything I've ever had, at about 1" diameter around the spot. I don't scratch the spot, but I do scratch around it to feel better. I NEVER go out in the sun, no tanning, nothing like that. I haven't even taken my shirt off outside since 2007. I live a very healthy, balanced lifestyle with a good diet and only indoors exercise.


Anyway, I do not know 100% sure if it is melanoma, but it's displaying symptoms like as if it is.

I am blonde haired, blue eyed, and have pale skin, which research tells me I'm the skin cancer model. I also have several moles on my back and abdomen, if that matters. After just 5 weeks, the spot has evolved at an unusually aggressive rate compared to any other case I've read up on.

I did further research and found that black salve can remove unhealthy skin cells with the root. I bought some and am considering using it this week once I'm sure it's the right thing to do.

My health insurance just kicked in, and I was thinking of finding a physician to take a look at it, and possibly refer me to a dermatologist. I was thinking about doing this before applying the black salve.


So what should I do? If I try removing it at home, the physician will probably never know exactly what it was, and neither will I.



Thanks in advance for any directory or advice

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I would get to the dermatologist and have a biopsy.  Get it removed professionally and have a doctor that you visit regularly if it is cancer.

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