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stage4 prior to nephrectomy ??

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HI everyone, I'm curious about any of you who were diagnosed stage 4 prior to your nephrectomy. My mom had her surger 8 days ago. She was doing great at the hospital. They held off on any solid food for her until she was able to pass gas. This was no easy task for her. They had to resort to a supository to help, then that same day gave her some food and released her that very day. She was glad to go home,but since she has been at home  xhe has had so much pain from gas. Her bowels are still not right and she has nausea.  I feel that from what I have read this is all part of the recoveryof the surgery.  Its hard to convince her and my father that this is all part of the recovery from major surgery. 

Its hard to watch her in pain, her hip is still sore from radiation so she must use a walker to get around.  Mom forces herself to eat  and she drinks plenty of water, but mainly her gas is what keeps her miserable.  Did any of you suffer with gas and  bowel issues after surgery.?  


At diagnosis, about a month ago,my parents were given a very basic book about kidney cancer. This book is gives very little hope for stage 4. It barely touches on any possible treatments. I have read about so many of you here on treatments, but i don't know how long after the surgery she will have to wait before they can start her on something. Every pain scares her that its spreading somewhere new.  My father also has read the book, and he too is now convinced  there isn't  much hope.  I try to tell him that that book is basic and doesn't have all the answers, but because its in a book, it must be right.

She will get her staples out next wed, then two days later will meet with her oncologist.  I'm praying that the oncologist will start her on a treatment.  How long after the surgery before anyone started a treatment.  I know every person is different  I just want to keep some faith. Its hard when my dad is at such a loss.  I have shared some of your stories from this board, and it helped until he starts reading again...

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First of all whether this is Stage 1 or Stage 4 it is major abgominal surgery. Gas and constipation go with the territory. Stage 4 can be anything from small mets to the lung to more challanging issues. Every case is different. If you share further details about mom's diagnosis others may chime in with their thoughts. You will get a much more comprehensive answer when you meet with the Oncologist.

Hopefully she will be able to look forward to a full recovery.



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Mom has a large met to her hip and a few small spots to her lungs and  on her scalp.  Prior to her surgery mom had radiation treatment to her hip.  She was getting around wkth a cane but now since the surgery she is better off with a walker. She still has pain in her hip, perhaps the muscle is weakened from the radiation...Moms surgeon was amazed when he opened her up that the cancer seemed to be completely contained. He told us if he hadn't known it had already gone to her bones he would have thought otherwise. Everything looked clear all around spleen,pancreas, lymph nodes...he was so excited to tell us this. We were expecting her to need to be in ICU for 2 days after her  surgery  due to her age 69, and the fact that she is asthmatic  and had issues with anasthesia in the past.  She amazed all of us with no ICU and left the hospital 4 days after surgery.  They also thought she would need a week in hospital and another week or 2 at a rehab...she came home  instead because of how well she did

Mom looked great at the hospital, but since she is home now and has so much gas pain and bowel issues,  nausea...she is so worried.  She says her belly hurts her from all the gas...The fear of each pain upsets both my parents so much...the book my dad has been reading doesn't give much info on possible treatments after surgery.  But I have seen all the different names of drug treatments many people are on...I just don't know how long it takes what is the norm. Her radiologist, surgeon and oncologist all met together prior to her surgery and told her afterwards that they all felt she was a good candidate for this surgery.... I have to keep the faith that they can still help her

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For severe gas - try getting some Activated Charcoal for your Mom:


For routine constipation - get her some Senna (one or two tabs in the morning and evening).

Add some Miralax if that does not work.

Best wishes,


-Nano (Neil)

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I was constipated for close to a week after surgery so yes, have her take some Senna or other mild laxative. They started giving that to me in the hospital. That alone will make you uncomfortable. I had zero appetite also and had to force myself to eat some soft boiled eggs and toast, chicken broth, some mashed potatoes. At this point drinking and staying hydrated is more important. When your bowels are still traumatized from the surgery and not fully recovered from the anasthesia it's not surprising you don't feel like eating. That'll improve with time. And honestly, I still worry with every ache and pain that it's mets. I'm afraid that comes with the diagnosis and changes your whole outlook. But from what others have told me that too will lessen with some time. As for being stage 4 and its prognosis; as said above, it all depends on how many, how large, how pervasive, etc. I'm sure your oncologist will discuss treatment options and start them when your mom is stronger and feeling better. Wishing you all the very best.

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Stage 4 at diagnosis. I had my kidney out in May and started treatment in August. As Apny says be guided by your oncologist

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I have been stage IV since surgery in 2012. Hope is alive and well. Surgery was not fun and it takes time to come back to even close to normal. I had surgery and started my therapy in February....but there was a delay as my surgeon didn't see the tumor in my other adrenal gland. When you meet with the oncologist, make sure it is a kidney specialist, not just a generic oncologist. 

Side note, I have the same book, it is not very encouraging and talks a lot about hospice....since surgery, I have skied every year, and continue to be an a I golfer. Life can go in with cancer.



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Hi Darron,  I a  not sure what stage of cancer I have but I think it is in the adrenal gland or may be the artiery that comes off the top of the kidney .  Not sure of the name. I think it starts with a g.   Eveything it have read puts that a stage IV with only 8% survival after 5 years.  I am realy afraid.  I just went throught treatments for anal cancer from 4/14-6/14 and went for my yearly cat scan and they found kidney cancer but the anal cancer is gone.  I have too meet the Uroligist Thrusday and I guess he will do a Chest cat scan or maybe an mri.  I am feeling that i do not have long to live.  Kathy

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THank you for all the advice.  It has been helpful and encouraging.  

I did see recently on the Dr Oz show, a segment on charcoal. I will look more into this, thank you Neil   

I know we have to wait to speak with oncologist after the report comes back, but I do so appreciate all of your kind words of encouragement in the mean time.

Trying to get as much information as I can so I can help her feel better

Thanks, Julie

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     My tumor was in my right kidney and adrenal gland, both of which were removed in Aug., of 2011.  I was clear until January of 2013.  In March of that year the bottom right portion of my lung was removed and in November of the same year a tumor from my brain was removed, I have since been ok.  Everyone is different and every case seems to be different, but the strength, love, and support from this sight are always fantastic!

     Wishing the best for your family!

                                                        Prayers for good health,


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