anyone else having issues post chemo

I'm 7 months post chemo, two all clear pet scans but I'm feeling exhausted all the time. I also can barely eat due to nausea(I am taking zofran multiple times a day), my neuropathy is getting worse, my heart shows signs of mild damage due to the Adriamycin. It's depressing and confusing, I'm supposed to be getting better but I'm constantly feeling worse. My blood test results aren't great but doctor doesn't seem worried(low white cell count, low igm, low tsh, and others).


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    Sadly, Dabi, your situation is fairly common. I still have serious neuropathy five years after chemo, and also have lung fibrosis, possibly from Bleomycin. My chemo fog lingered at least two years. I was checked a year ago for heart damage, but thankfully none has occured.


    The good news is that MOST side effects do minimize or go away over time. Keep your spirits up and know that healthier days are most likely on the way. Seven months is not really a long time for chemo effects to clear out, although I suspect it seems like an eternity to you.


    Pulling for your well-being,