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Clinical trial - Nintedanib

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I'm not new to the forum, but I do not post often.  I have a question to any member with experience with the above clinical trial.  My wife is about to embark on this new journey.   She has been fighting the desease since 12/2009 (multiplsurge furies and chemo cocktails).  

She took tests yesterday and will be informed whether she is approved by Monday.  Does any have any experience with the new drug?  We were told that, she is practically in but the tests are a formality.  I would appreciate any comments. 

To those that were closed to NanaB, I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.


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I missed this thread yesterday. 

I have no experience with Ninedanib, or any clinical trial. I know there are others who are currently on trials, and hopefully they will pop up and share. 

I am sorry that your wife is at the stage of trials. Its a hard decision for sure. I admire greatly those who are willing to do trials. I know part of it is the desire to live, but because they are trials they come with their own problems. I have a good friend who has tried two seperate trials for his unoperable kidney Cancer. 

I hope all works well for you wife. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I appreciate your response.  Yes, it is a risk to take part in it.  However, that's how all the drugs got their start.  We are scare, that we may be getting the placebo. The doc said we can always go back to 5fu and oxaliplatin + avastin. 



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if I'm wrong but a breast cancer survivor told me stage 4s never get the placebo in a trial. I don't know how to verify this but I was clearly told it.



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thank you for that comment.  the document read that, it was a double blind study, not even our onc knows who is getting the med.  right now, we are just praying she is getting the med.  your comment does make perfect sense.  Stage four people should not be subjected to placebos.  Time is just so valuable.  And, wasting six weeks to find you did not receive any med seems almost inhumane.  

Myd (Martin)

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