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New Blog "The C Word" first post

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Hi, all,

just a simple blog I'm starting that's helping me put some thoughts in order regarding my experiences. Read if you like :-)


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Very nice job, Jason.  I had not realized you were from Philadephia.  What's a self-respecting Philadelphian doing following a Steelers blog?

I am an old time Steelers fan.  Was a huge fan when I was a little kid of the Steel Curtain, Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, and numerous others. And I'm a Jersey guy.  Don't follow the NFL so much anymore, but my loyalties are with the local teams and the Steelers.

Posts: 337
Joined: Nov 2014

That might be from a friend I was supporting as he started a blog; he's a Steelers fan but rest assured that I bleed Eagles green for sure haha. 

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Jason, I just read it. You write extremely well (and it shows in your posts).

My story was similar as to how I found out that I had cancer...it was a note in an envelope for the technician....it said "***patient does not know! Large mass on right kidney. Likely carcinoma***." I was in shock, texted my husband and he googled it and reassured me. That being said, I look forward to your blog posts. I hope you find it very therapeutic and I know it will be very insightful.


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Thanks, Jojo,

thats a shock I pray neither of us has to relive. Appreciate the kind review! I'll post when I add more entries to the blog

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Looking forward to reading more. You captured how I felt perfectly.

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Where did you come up with the word sugarcoat?





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You write very well, thank you for posting it. I liked the last sentence very much - the one that states cancer is not a death sentence. This is what weall haveto keep in mind. A positiveand hopeful statement, which can give necessary strength in hardest times...

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