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Dear All,


My friend (37 years old) was diagnosed with GLIOSARCOMA two and a half years ago.


This is a quick rundown on what happened:

- He is 37 (35) then.

- He was in good health until this incident

- about 2.5 years ago one day after lunch he complained about headache.

- the headache became severe and by evening he was in serious pain.

- we rushed him to the nearest hospital.

- CT showed severe heamorrage in the brain.

- emergency surgery was performed. 

- the surgeons found a bleeding tumor, the bleeding was stopped and the tumor removed.

- the tumor was on the left parietal lobe. 

- the pathology report stated the tumor was GLIOSARCOMA - a very deadly varient of GBM

- he lost partial sight in his right eye

- he suffered various problems typical of left side paralysis 


----- he had radiation therapy

----- But with various other therapies he got better. 

----- His wife googled and found the Budwig diet.

----- She put him on the Budwig diet and he has been following it ritually.


He has had MRIs taken in 3 to 4 month intervals. There was no sign of recurring tumors, although they found very tiny changes which the doctors said could be due to post-op changes. 


Last MRI was two months ago.  Once again they found a couple of 3 mm size ?? Questionable particles. They did not call them as growth. Once again the doctor said that it was probably post op changes.....POST OP CHANGES AFTER TWO YEARS!!


Anyway, two weeks ago he had similar symptoms to what he had 2.5 years ago. Headache, vomiting etc. Once again he was admitted, they found blood in brain and he was operated on immediately. 


The new pathology confirms presence of DORMANT NEW TUMORS, but all tiny - 2 mm to 9 mm.


He is much better in two weeks. He seems to be returning to Normal.  He is walking with help today (19. Feb 2015)


Doctor says the bleeding could have been from new tumors or from the old radiation site. Still, the prognosis is not that great.  The doctor says he is lucky to have dormant tumors, which could flare up sometime in future.  They are considering giving him TEMADOR.


The wife is reluctant for him to go for chemo. She believes what is protecting him is the Budwig diet. 


Now the question:

Has anyone on here experienced similar stories? Has anyone heard of DORMANT TUMORS which are tiny - our understanding is that both GBM and GLIOSARCOMA comes back with a vengeance and it grows to 20 mm size in a very short period (three months). 


The family thinks perhaps he does not have the aggressive varient, has anyone heard about this?? They are happy that the tumor has not come back aggressively and wonder if the pathologist could have made a mistake In his reading of the slides. But then this is the second biopsy, and we had sent the sample to another hospital for second opinion and the independant lab too confirmed the tumor to be GLIOSARCOMA! 

Please help, let me know if there is anyone here who has survived this illness for three years or more. 

Thank you. 


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