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Esophageal adenocarcinoma now in lining of lungs...

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my dad was diagnosed last January with stage 3 esophageal adinocarcinoma.  Started chemo and then radiation...could not eat anything so they put in a peg tube. (Went to the ER twice with problems with this and they sent him home saying nothing was wrong). (They said the cause of his initial cancer was Barrett's esophageous from acid reflux). He had an esophagectomy may 4, 2014 and the surgeon said he got all of the cancer including the lymph nodes that looked suspect.  He also said that there was a horrible infection from the peg tube and evidence that the peg tube nicaked the colon and he also found a piece of plastic from the procedure. He said my dad should have not made it throught surgery due to so much infection in his stomach.  He made it through, but before this surgery he was very weak and sick and lost about 40 pounds in 2 months.  All in all he went from 240-250 and he now weighs 145-152.  Since the surgery he has been very weak...he has no muscle tone, no fat and he is basically a skeleton with a very thin layer of skin over him.  He had an accident after surgery, he was just starting to feel better and he fell out of his truck and the truck ran over his foot.  This was a MAJOR setback for his recovery.  It took about 2-3 months for this to get him back on track...well so I thought.  He still can not eat very well and he has a lot of gas and bloating anytime he eats anything.  He belches, coughs, dry heaves a LOT.  it has been over 9 months since surgery and he had a PET scan and we went to the surgeons office to get the results.  He said nothing showed up on the scan except his parietal gland and some fluid around his lung.  So in the office they drained off over 1200 ml of fluid to which the doctor said "looks good" and we asked what that meant and he said "it doesn't look cancerous...if it was white and bloody then it would be bad". So we finally got a call saying the fluid had cancer cells in it.  We went to his oncologist and she swaid it was the cancer from the esophageous that is now in the lining of his lungs. Adenocarcinoma. So he will get a catheter in his lungs and a port for chemo (which he starts on Monday) I have been trying to research cancer in the lining of the lungs and I have not had any luck...so I came on here to see if anyone has been through this or has heard of this...?  I know he still has a rough road ahead, but I also want to know if it is normal for him to feel like this almost 10 months post-op? The gas and bloating and losing weight...the doctor said about 6 months to a year, but I thought he would at least feel a little bit better with eating at least.  Also can you give me any tips and/ideas of what he can eat that would maybe cause less boasting or gas? Or to help him gain weight...he is very malnourished and I want him to get healthier so he can withstand the chemo...thanks for reading this...sorry it is so long....thanks in advance for any advice, encouragement, words of wisdom, etc...God bless you all....

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i had the barrett's esophageous in 2011 and it turn to cancer the next year. they removed the esophageous and half of stomich in 2012. i was told cancer free. in the past three years, i still have trouble eating, gas, bloating, belching, and speaking. i asked my doctor about it and he told me he didn't know if it would change because 90% of his patients didn't live over three years. now i have lung cancer and maybe kidney cancer. 

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Where did u recieve this care?


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