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Just stopping in to say Hi... I don't get on much and when I do, I find myself not posting anything anymore. I will be complete with my Rituxan maintenance finally in september and am anxiously awaiting having my port removed. I am pretty sure the port is really just a portal to hell and I have a direct line ... LOL.. I just hate having this thing here as a gentle reminder that almost 3 years ago now I heard the scariest words in my life. Reflecting back on it all now, I sort of chuckle and think "that's all you got? I thought it was gonna be way harder than this". My pre-concieved notions of what cancer was and what it looked like had me thinking that within hours of chemo I would be on death's door begging for mercy, I was spared that experience and many more (which I can say I do not feel one bit jilted about). Tongue Out While we all have our own struggles and journeys, some wayyyy more intense than others, I believe that I can now summarize mine as more of a spiritual and emotional journey rather than a physical journey. I have met so many wonderful people, and unfortunately watched many wonderful people fade from this disease that we all have in common. Whether it is aggressive or indolent doesn't really matter when we are fighting for it to be gone from existense. I know many people with agressive cancers that if given the option would take an indolent one over what they have and many others that are vice versa on this topic. If given the choice I don't know what I would do, I don't even know what I will do when I have a recurrance, which many of you have already dealt with.. I am sitting here studying physiology of the immune system for school and realized I haven't given a shout out to my fellow lymphomaniacs in quite some time. I apologize for that..

I still continue to kick **** and take names daily, as I assume that you all are doing your part in the **** kicking department as well.Cool

I really have nothing exciting to report, unless you want to hear my daily shennanigans with the athletes that I work with on my clinical rotations at school..perhaps that may entertain some for a few brief moments.

alright alright since you are begging and pleading I will tell you one story, that truly was way more amusing to me than it will be to you...

I am currently working with the track team at a University...picture it, we are at the fieldhouse at track practice watching these athletes incessantly run in circles for no apparent reason<-- Track and field isn't a very stimulating sport for athletic trainers. Anyway, this young freshmen whom hasn't quite found his place in school yet (as you can imagine..kinda nerdy, quiet and not physically developed as some of his peers are) came up to us and said that as he was running another of his comrades ran him into the guard rail that we have on the inside of our indoor track, and he subsequently rolled his ankle. As my partner in crime and preceptor is examining his ankle and asking him what exactly hurts and how it happened, basically getting a history on his injury (which is what we allied healthcare professionals are taught to do) I ask him if the mechanism of injury is what produced the extreme bruising on both sides of his, this poor kid apparently had his first encounter with a girl at a party 4 days prior and had GIANT hickies all over his neck. Everyone talked about it for days and nobody really addressed the situation with him and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to get the "scoop" on what really went down at this party. I saw my opportunity and I seized it, can you blame me?

Moral of the story---Don't take life so seriously, have fun and enjoy every moment, allow others to see your life as you see it. I have found my ability to let go and relax, laugh at myself and at others.

I hope this finds you all in good health and spirits




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    Back at ya!

    Great story!! Wanted to shout out back at you cuz you sound like you are doing great!!! I recommend no drowsy drugs for port removal. That's what I did as I wanted to enjoy the moment. It wasn't too painful, and I could converse with Dr.s as they took the alien from my chest. Also, I had them crank classic rock!!! Kick butt!!

  • Way to go!

    So glad to hear you are doing so well and am sure your son is too. Remember to finish that book when things settle down. I want to buy an autographed copy. I thought of you when I was talking with my nephew, the lawyer. He was having a rough day and said " gosh I wish I had not changed my major from Physicians Assistant to law. The only people I meet are criminals"!! Good choice. Keep on kickin **** and taking names. Better to be a hammer than a nail! And stay in touch With the board.

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    Hi Carie!

    It is always lovely to hear from you. And it makes me happy to read about your escapades and know you are doing well. 

    I had my last [scheduled] Rituxan infusion 3 weeks ago. Like you, I can't wait to get this port out. I will be going for a CT scan in April and that will be my post-treatment baseline. My Doctor said he wants to leave my port in for another year. But on further contemplation, assuming my scan is fine and I am assuming that, I will insist on having it removed. Like you, I don't want the reminder of what I have been through. I don't want to have to have it flushed out every month when it is not otherwise serving any purpose. But most importantly, I don't want to plan for a relapse. 

    Keep on being you and try not to be a stranger.