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Stage III (C2) Colon - Mom is suffering 5 Lymph Nodes

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Mom was disgnosed with Stage III (C2). Report says 5 out of 8 Lymph nodes effected. 


Doctors performed surgery and removed main tumor (not sure of exact word) from large intestine. Later they sent the removed part of test and results came out as Stage III (C2) 5 lymph nodes effected. 

Now doctor suggested XELOX treatment. Mom is 65 and not very energetic (maybe around 110lbs).


Today she is suffering from constipation fatigue bloating, gas. Her chemo (XELOX) has not started yet.


Any one had same symptoms and receved XELOX treatment? Please share your experience. Thanks and I am very worried.

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While you are waiting for wound healing and chemo to start you might look at many people that used cimetidine near surgery and even longer to  boost their immune respones and survival rate to colorectal cancer.  Supplements and aggressive nutrition often help resolve energy problems.  Two special ones we use are liver and IV vitamin C along with oral supplelments recommended by Life Extension and some CAM doctors like Keith Block.   Click "tansttafl" for more of our story.

We found soonest was best.


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I am sorry to hear about your mum.  You are obviously a good daughter to come looking for help and support. 

I am not familiar with XELOX as I was on FOLFOX and 5FU myself.  I thought about this last night, and figured out what this mixture would be and then realized that my good friend in England, has just started this cocktail. He had his second infusion yesterday, and is now on the pills. 

I was pretty much constipated throughout my chemo treatment. I tried my best to keep my diet healthy, but I couldn't tolerate too much fiber at the time. Fatigue was really bad also but luckily I had no problem with gas and bloating. 

I am sure there will be others around here soon who can help you more than I. Someone who is familiar with the chemo cocktail. Until then, make yourself at home, we are here for you and your mum. 

Sue - Trubrit

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You need to call her surgeon to report the symptoms she has and see what can be done to relieve them.

Fatigue from surgery is understandable but the others need to be checked for sure.  It may also be that she has become anemic which can cause fatigue.

One of the things that we all have to learn as we go thru this, is to not be afraid to call the doctor about anything not usual. 

Wishing your mom the best results.

Marie who loves kitties

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